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Keep your team on track with calendars for better time management. At-a-glance calendars make it easy to schedule and reference plans months in advance, on a weekly basis, and down to the hour. Juggle household tasks, school assignments, and performance goals with desktop, wall, and pocket planners and coordinating office accessories.

Calendars including wall and desk options

Put all calendars in various places around the office to keep your employees, clients or patients aware of key dates, holidays and office closings. A calendar is often a lifeline in busy offices, so your employees must have calendars that fit their needs. Choose from monthly calendars hanging on the wall in a break room or weekly planners that are easy to transport to help your employees organize their personal and professional obligations and responsibilities.

Give Walls a Decorative Touch

Hang wall calendars in your office lobby, meeting rooms, employee offices or lunch rooms to not only serve as a reminder for your employees and clients but also to add a decorative touch to the decor. Hanging calendars are available in a variety of themes to suit the nature of your business. Allow employees to personalize their wall calendars with monthly pictures of cats, dogs or horses, or delight those young patients coming into your medical facility with images or illustrations of cartoon characters above the calendar grid.

Choose an Appropriate Format for Your Employees

Opt for a calendar or daily planner that is in line with how your employees work. For example, your sales staff may prefer a planner with spaces to note hourly appointments through the week, whereas department managers may prefer a monthly format to jot down vacation time scheduled for each staff member.

Simplify Changes in Schedules

Avoid cluttering your employees' daily planners or calendars with scratched-out revisions. Instead, supply them with erasable calendars that they can revise as changes in patient appointments or client meetings arise. All they have to do is simply erase and rewrite the information with a dry-erase marker to keep the calendar looking tidy and clean. Find all of the office suppliers you need to get the job done, at Quill.

Calendars & Planners Bring Order to Chaos

Organize the future in these calendars, planners and organizers. Put one at every desk so the whole team is literally on the same page.

Get your schedule into shape by tracking upcoming events and commitments in a range of calendars, planners and organizers. These simple tools help you plan ahead, track your time and get everyone on your team coordinated so that projects come off as smoothly as possible with no scheduling conflicts.

Plan Ahead & Organize Your Schedule

Record upcoming events in your calendars, planners and organizers, and never be late or unprepared again. Day, week and month blocks let you split up your pending tasks between "pressing," "urgent," and "should have been started yesterday." Folding organizers and multipurpose planners have space for pens, pencils and, crucially, erasers, so you can adjust on the fly as your plans shift.

Easily Keep Track of Important Appointments & Other Commitments

Even post-dated calendars, planners and organizers are of use. Use the blank spaces inside to record events you've already attended or jobs you've already finished. This permanent record helps you reconstruct events when you're reporting to the board or filing court papers. Make it a habit to record your time on a calendar to paint a picture of how efficiently you're managing your schedule.

Running a busy office and keeping everything on track day in and day out is no small task. It takes a talented admin and an arsenal of organizational tools. In the world of office supplies, none wields more power than the mighty calendar. Keeping everyone's schedule straight depends on careful planning. Even with all the high-tech software and apps in the world, sometimes the peace and quiet of paper is hard to beat. A great paper calendar or planner drowns out all the digital noise and distractions and lets you focus on the task at hand. It also keeps your most important information at your fingertips whenever you need it. The ritual of writing down appointments, events, meetings, goals and other plans is a very powerful way to keep tabs on what needs to be done when.

Quill's range of calendars, planners and personal organizers makes it easy to find your ideal system. We carry desk pad calendars for scheduling at a glance; appointment books for doctors, dentists, chiropractors and therapists; academic planners to keep the school year running smoothly for teachers and students alike; and personal organizers with room for your favorite pens, calculators and other supplies. We also offer covers, accessories and refills for all the major personal planner brands. Choose planners that are as attractive and decorative as they are functional.

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