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Want to know more about Academic Planners
Organize your daily tasks with the help of a durable student planner. Choose from monthly or weekly designs that let you plan as far in advance throughout the school year as needed to help you reach your goals and to motivate you to stay on task. Planners also make it easier to memorize events through the repetition of writing them down.

Choosing the ideal student planner for your needs

School planners are an effective time management tool for students. They come in different designs to suit the personality and needs of the user. Daily planners can include the time as well as the date, so an hourly schedule is laid out in an easy-to-follow process. Lined or unlined spaces provide room to list class meeting dates, exams, and special assignments to ensure all tasks get completed on time.

Some calendars, planners, and appointment books start at the beginning of the school year around August and end towards the end of the year in June. Additional months added to the beginning and end let the student plan out summer vacations or a summer semester of college. Consider character-based student planners that show off your personality, or choose a simple design to keep your focus on schoolwork.

Considering the special features of a school planner

Not all academic planners are created equally. Two-year academic calendars let you plan for next year’s events and needed classes. Durable covers protect the contents, and some even include hole-punched edges so the planner fits inside a binder. Information pages at the front or end of the organizer provide space to write down important data including the contact numbers of the owner in case of loss, and you can coordinate a personal planner with a desk calendar for maximum organization.

Decorate pages with colorful stickers, tape, and colorful markers, or insert pictures and other special memos to make the planner unique. Student planners teach important time management skills that can carry over into adulthood, and they don't require any complicated software or applications to learn. Use them in conjunction with wall calendars to make sure you always stay on-track.

Top brands of paper planners

When choosing a student planner, consider some of the most popular brands. Name-brand planners may include optional inserts like sticker pages, notepads, refillable calendar pages, and removable covers to keep you up-to-date.

  • Hallmark®
  • Erin Condren®
  • Maxine®
  • At-A-GLANCE®
  • Blue Sky®
  • TF Publishing®
  • Moleskine®
  • Shoebox®

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