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Office Printers & Scanners

Are you always on the run, or do you never leave your desk? Somewhere in between? We have printers and All-In-One machines perfect for every environment. Quill is the place for your best printer deals. Shop top brands including HP, Brother, Dell, Canon, Xerox, Lexmark, Samsung, Okidata, and XYZ.There are many printer features to consider before making a purchase. Quill’s broad assortment will make it easy to find the printer and scanner you need.

Types of office printers

Available printer types include single-function models, multifunctional versions, dot matrix machines, and photo printers. 3D models are available as well. Home printers include single-function versions that provide printing only, in either monochrome or color, on standard, lightweight paper, also suitable for copiers. Machines for the office include multifunction devices that offer scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities along with printing. These all-in-one printers come in compact, desktop models for personal use, larger console versions for small businesses, and large workstation models for groups of up to 30 individuals.

Multi–function, or all–in–one printers, are a great option for affordable flexibility in office printing. Or choose one that has only the features you need—say a printer/scanner/copier—for desktop use. We also have specialty and advanced printers, such as dot matrix and 3–D. And to make your office printer even more of a workhorse, check out Quill's selection of super capacity machines—created with the stamina to print even more, at home or at the office.

Photo printers, for the home or office, produce output on high-quality, glossy or matte paper engineered specifically for accepting the saturation and contrasts inherent in JPEG and other photo source files. Many multifunction machines also offer photo-capable printing and can also print on media that includes transparencies, card stock, and glassine. Dot matrix options, normally available in monochrome, are budget-friendly devices for output that doesn’t have to be presentation-ready. They use impact pins to strike a series of dots to form alphanumeric characters.

Print output from office and home printers

The basic choice in printers is how they leave their mark. Beyond dot matrix models, all others use either inkjet or laser technology to produce output. Inkjets use cartridges that eject ink onto paper through hundreds of tiny nozzles. Lasers use toner that is essentially a powder that transfers onto paper electrostatically. Both produce high-quality output. Most machines can swap between cartridges holding different volumes of ink, including standard yield, high-yield, and supertank systems, which could mean the difference between hundreds and thousands of pages of output with one cartridge.

Computer printers

Technically, all printers are computer-enabled devices. However, some models are wireless printers that take full advantage of advances in computer modem technology for remote applications, while others are scanner-enabled devices that can produce exact reproductions of hard-copy files that computers digitally replicate, whether text or images. Many if not most offer cable-free communication for output commands from computers. The scanning capability of all-in-ones mirrors the output of stand-alone scanners, including sheet-fed and flatbed models.


Quill provides the specs for basic and sophisticated printers from all major brands:

  • HP®
  • Brother®
  • Dell™
  • Canon®
  • Xerox®
  • Lexmark™
  • Samsung®

Other manufacturers are available as well, including those that provide nuanced innovations in output technology that may be the feature you’re looking for in a printer for your office or home.

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