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Measuring and leveling tools save time on projects by ensuring correct sizes, angles, and other criteria, preventing duplicated work. Self-leveling tools such as bubble and laser levels automatically find the point of balance. Other measuring tools like tape measures and rulers verify that wood and other materials aren't too long or short for the task at hand.

Measuring tools ensure precision

As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once. Measuring tools such as tape measures make sure that one cut is the right cut, and that everything fits into place. Levels also provide a more accurate judgment of proper alignment than "eyeballing it." Yard leveling tools make it easier to produce flat ground when landscaping, planning a garden, or completing other outdoor projects.

Measuring and leveling tools are useful for many projects

Keeping measuring and leveling tools on hand is useful for many projects on residential or commercial property, including:

  • Laying down tiles or other flooring
  • Installing cabinets or shelves
  • Hanging framed pictures
  • Installing doors and door frames

Both types of tools are essential for these projects as they measure the pieces of material needed and ensure placement is correct.

Suitable for professionals and do-it-yourselfers

Those working on their own homes and contractors or other professionals at job sites find measuring tools indispensable. Surveyors use rollers to determine the dimensions of land parcels. A steel ruler is a simple but durable measuring tool that stands up to rugged conditions while specialty equipment such as stair gauges and contour gauges come in handy for new construction and cutting odd shapes for flooring. For home repair jobs, bubble levels offer an easy visual indicator of balance.

Versatile laser measuring tools

Laser measuring tools and levels are another innovation for many projects. Emitting green or red laser beams, they show straight lines where builders can put down markings or make measurements. Since laser levels usually mount to a wall or other surface, this leaves both of the user's hands free to measure and perform other tasks. These levels can also stay in place while the operator is working, providing a visual reference at all times. Other tools are available that use lasers to measure distance and even a room's square footage. They make a useful addition to a home or business collection of tools and MRO supplies.

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