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Felt Tip & Porous Point Pens
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Want to know more about Felt Tip & Porous Point Pens
Felt-tip pens have porous writing surfaces with pressed, layered fibers, using water-soluble ink that dries quickly on paper. This makes them resistant to bleed-through and smearing. This fast-drying quality makes the writing implements ideal for quick work like note taking, color sketching, and even doodling. Because the tips lay down clean, smooth lines, they’re also suitable for hand lettering.

Felt-tip pen tips and material

Porous felt tips come in all widths that writers and artists prefer, including ultra-fine, extra-fine, and fine, ranging from 0.2 to 0.5 millimeters in width, and medium and bold, ranging from 0.7 to 1.4 millimeters in width. Medium and bold felt pen tips lay down smooth lines, offering firm control on the paper surface. The narrower points leave clean, crisp lines.

Hard fiber tips feature metal-reinforced housings, like those offered by Paper Mate® Flair® pens, to prevent damage to the points. The hard tips dispense ink evenly, making them ideal for writing or fine illustrations. The spongy, more fibrous tips, normally shaped like cones, offer versatility. They are useful as markers or highlighters when turned to their sides or as fine writing tools when used head-on. Unlike many retractable ballpoint pens that pull the points into the barrels to protect them when not in use, the majority of felt-tip implements have pull-off barrel caps to protect the ends and conserve ink.

Felt pens use water-soluble ink

The water-soluble ink in these writing tools dries quickly on paper, unlike water-based gel pens with colloidally suspended pigments that leave behind a thick, opaque line of ink. Water-soluble ink prevents bleed-through, so users can draft on both sides of a single page or write on notepads without leaving behind marks on the next sheet. The ink also doesn’t smear, so you’ll always be able to prepare presentation-ready copy or precise sketches and illustrations. The quick-drying ink is also suitable for a variety of surfaces, including paper, plastic, and glossy cardboard labels.

Many different colors of inks and barrels

Like many other pens, felt-tip varieties cater to artists as well as writers, so they come in all standard colors and in such eclectic shades as tangerine, mocha, cranberry, and guava. Many also come in neon hues, including blue, orange, yellow, and pink. The barrels of the pens are just as attractive, sometimes matching the color of the ink. Some barrels are translucent, so users can see how much ink remains.


Several leading makers of fine writing implements include felt pens in their product lines:

  • BIC®
  • Paper Mate®
  • Pentel®
  • Pilot
  • Sharpie®

Check out these and other fine makers of felt-tip writing and drawing instruments at Quill.

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