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Want to know more about Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer comes in several versions. All contain ingredients that kill up to 99 percent of germs on contact. They do not require water or soap. Users can rub the product on the skin and go about the workday as the sanitizer air-dries. Choose the best type for your office needs in various bulk sizes.

Hand sanitizer types

Wholesale hand sanitizer comes in three different types: gel, foam, or wipes. Gel options are a thick liquid that users spread over hands like lotion until it is absorbed. Foam starts out liquid and becomes frothy when dispensed. It can also be used like a lotion. Both gel and foam air-dry and don’t require towels. Sanitizing wipes offer germ-killing ingredients on a towelette. Users rub the wipe over their hands to spread the ingredients, which then air-dry. Employees can clean up with no soap, water, or paper towels.

While hand sanitizers may have their genesis with healthcare professionals and restaurant workers who needed to prevent the spread of contaminants when they didn’t have immediate access to soap and water, the sanitizers are now available in both business establishments and public areas. Scientific evidence shows not only that they kill bacterial germs on contact but also that they’re a preventive measure against influenza germs. They’re also a good way to maintain safe hygiene practices, whether before every meal or snack, or when you’ve been around objects that many other people have touched, like stair handrails, retail surfaces, and shopping carts.

Safe to use often, with refreshing fragrances

While hand soap and water are an excellent way to practice good hand hygiene, washing your hands many times a day may deplete your skin of the natural oils it needs to remain healthy. The hand sanitizer formulas available come with a variety of skin emollients, conditioners, or moisturizers that not only maintain but also boost hand health, so they’re safe to use throughout the day. Two common sanitizer ingredients for nourishing the hands include aloe vera, a natural emollient that retains natural skin oils, and vitamin E, a moisturizer that absorbs into the skin.

Beyond the hand-conditioning elements of sanitizer formulas, users may find the many fragrances of sanitizers appealing, or, conversely, prefer the scent-free gel, foam, or wipes that are available. Among the popular scents is lemon, which as an oil also serves as a conditioner. Other citrus aromatics are popular as well. More generic fragrance formulas come as natural, clean, refreshing, or soothing while other aromatics may offer ocean breeze, springtime, floral, or fruity scents. Many gels, foams, and wipes are scent-free for those who prefer minimal ingredients in the products they use.

Wholesale hand sanitizer sizes

Bulk amounts of sanitizer and hand soap refills allow employers to provide germ-killing power to a large group of employees. Gel and foam often come in liter bottles, while wipes come in large canisters containing 100 or more. It is also possible to purchase mini hand sanitizers in bulk, each unit containing enough for individual use. These are easy to toss into bags or pockets so that employees can sanitize their hands between washes.

Bulk hand sanitizer packaging

Sanitizers come in containers similar to soap dispensers, available in bulk sizes and designed for easy use. Gel and foam come with pumps at the top that users press to release the liquid. Wipes often come in large canisters with small holes in the top that allow one wipe to release at a time with the next in line ready to go. Buyers can also find other janitorial supplies to maximize savings and cut down on waste.

Some of the leading brands of hand sanitizer gel, foam, and wipes

One of the most well-known brands of hand-cleaning products is Purell®. It’s a trusted name in hand-sanitizer products and dispensers in both the workplace and classroom, and in many public venues. Kleenex®, also well-known for facial tissue, specializes in hand-and-face wipes containing aloe vera and Vitamin E, but it also makes an alcohol-free, germ-killing hand-foam sanitizer. You’ll find Epi-Clenz® gels, foams, and wipes in many healthcare settings, as well as Clorox® non-gel, non-foam spray hand sanitizers and dispensers in many public facilities. Several other well-known brands are available in sizes ranging from 10-ounce to 67.6-ounce pump bottles, with many containing dual-action aloe vera and vitamin E gel.

Hand sanitizer ingredients and why they're so important

Like bathroom cleaner and other germ-killing products, hand sanitizers all contain similar ingredients, which differ only slightly by brand. Common ingredients include alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl) to kill germs and benzalkonium chloride or triclosan for non-alcohol germ-fighting.

The importance of these germ-killing ingredients, as they reside in on-contact gels, foams, and wipes when soap and water aren’t practical, can’t be overstated. As an example, think of the number of settings, venues, and establishments where scores or even hundreds of people congregate:

  • Grocery stores
  • Health and fitness centers
  • K-12 schools and colleges and universities
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Highway rest stops
  • Museums, concert venues, and sports arenas
  • Retail establishments

Hand sanitizers and their germ-killing properties are becoming as indispensable as restroom facilities are in many public and commercial spaces.

Gel, foam and spray dispensers

Both Purell and Clorox also make wall dispensers for providing just the right amount of gel, foam, or spray for sanitizing hands. Purell offers both touch-free and push- or pump-style activated dispensers, including slim-profile models to fit into tight spaces, including mounting on door jambs or alongside stall dispensers for toilet paper. In addition, Purell also manufacturers free-standing gel hand-sanitizer stations, for high-traffic public, retail, and commercial areas, with a built-in shield to prevent spills. It makes education dispensers for elementary schools as well, which dispense a lower volume of gel or foam for smaller hands.

Clorox dispensers, which offer sanitizing hand spray, are available in hands-free models. They dispense the spray over a broader area of the palm, allowing the sanitizer to dry more quickly than gel or foam.

Check out Quill for the array of hand-sanitizing gel, foam, spray, and wipes, as well as their dispensers, to find the right size and product for healthy hand hygiene for frequent users or wherever soap and water aren't available.

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