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Find safe and secure storage options for medicines, valuables, cash, keys and documents for home, medical, or business use. Security safes come with features that offer protection from burglaries, fire, water, and other hazards to ensure business runs smoothly. Home security safes are essential for storing valuables and guns while enabling convenient access.

Locking options for safe, secure storage

Security safes feature various mechanical and electronic locking mechanisms. Electronic safes may allow users access through personal identification numbers, ranging in length between three and eight digits. Biometric safes feature fingerprint scanners and can allow many fingerprints so that select members of staff or family members access contents of the safe to ensure things run smoothly.

Some digital lock safes feature mechanical opening and locking combinations to allow alternative access in case the user forgets their PIN or cannot access the primary option. When keeping items of high value, opt for safes with alarm systems and motion sensors that detect tampering and ring to create a deterrent and attract attention.

Security safes for business

Versatile safes store keys, documents, cash, electronics, flash drives, and other valuables. They usually include cash trays, shelves, and some pockets for smaller items. Some safes keep cash, keys, or guns. Safes that feature drop slots allow staff to deposit bills securely and form a key part of equipment in security, banking, and cash handling applications.

Key safes help control access to facilities and storage areas. They can include reference sheets and labels for easy organization. Other safes for business uses include:

  • Medical safes
  • Laptop safes
  • Mailboxes

Installation options for businesses and home security safes

If users need to access a safe frequently, consider freestanding or wall safes with drop boxes. Some freestanding safes come with custom holes for bolting to the wall or floor to anchor them. Opt for safes that install on the floor beneath carpets if you rarely need to access the contents such as with titles, jewelry, and wills. Some safes look like common household or office accessories to hide in plain sight while others feature wheels for easy movement.

Security safes of various sizes

Safes can hold contents of various volumes. Portable options are the smallest and lightest, weighing as little as 0.31 of a pound and their interiors have padding to protect delicate items like electronics. For reference, a safe with 1.3-cubic-foot capacity can hold a foot-high stack of letter-size documents. Larger options with at least 2-cubic-foot capacity are suitable for most business applications or storing several guns. Find safes from trustworthy manufactures including Trademark Global Executive safes at Quill.

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