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Abrasives are must-haves in workshops or crafting studios. Use standard abrasives to prepare a project for matte, or satin finishes to projects to get a desired look that brings an idea to life. An abrasives product can also cut, shape, polish or grind materials, offering versatile and convenient use.

Standard abrasives for professional or DIY use

Whether tackling a DIY project or stocking a workshop with tools/MRO supplies, standard abrasives are must-haves in any construction space. Flap discs in multiple grits and materials are the difference between a good job and a great job. These versatile products help shape, cut, grind, polish, and finish projects with ease. These items reduce the time spent sanding, sawing, polishing, or painting. Abrasive tools like bristle brushes, hand scratch brushes, or general purpose pads come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and materials, so select a product that works best for the project to ensure ideal results.

Abrasives come in variations that offer benefits

Abrasive products vary in size, shape, and design depending on their intended use. Those shopping for products for their professional workshop may want different resin bonded abrasives than individuals who are completing DIY projects in their home, or simple sanding jobs. The following features are some benefits shoppers can find when browsing these products.

  • Angled designs to assist with precision
  • Brushes or crimped products for removing paint, rust, and corrosion
  • Compatible with various materials for versatile use
  • Fire-treated for durability, strength, and heat-resistance
  • Designed for an ergonomic grip or for power tool use
  • Power tool compatible designs for easy use
  • Small grits for fine, smooth finishes
  • Thin sizing that is lightweight and easy to use

Abrasive tools to complete projects

In addition to standard abrasive products requiring sanders or other power tools, individuals can also shop for hand tools that accomplish the same task, but feature designs that appeal to different needs. Wheel brushes are an abrasive to remove unwanted paint and rust from items in hard to reach areas. For a more compact version of hand brushes, customers can shop for metal scratch brushes that allows for a more precise performance. Another option is wire cup brushes, which come with either ergonomic handles or power tool compatible handles. Prepare the job for the right finish with an abrasive from this large selection of products.

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