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When it's time to create an organizational system for the workspace, office shelving units are the solution. There are all sorts of options, from individual shelves and wall-mounted units to stand-alone commercial models. Products are available in a wide range of sizes, providing optimal solutions for whatever you need to organize at the office.

Office shelving units expand available space

Busy professionals have a lot to consider when it comes to office organization. From old client paperwork and rarely used supplies to regularly accessed files and extra items, everything needs a specific place to maximize space utilization. Some commercial shelving units are similar in design to bookcases, and they add an air of class to any space while providing plenty of room for smaller items. These office shelving options tend to have shallower storage areas than large, open commercial units. The larger models make it easy to access items from the sides, back, or front. Using steel versions is an excellent way to safely store heavy items. Three-level selections are optimal for large or wide products, while four and five-level models are convenient for those organizing smaller items.

Use individual shelves to customize office organization

Office organization kits make it easy to keep frequently used items close at hand. Small, individual ledges sit directly on desks or tables and elevated off of the surfaces, which permits professionals to use desk and shelf space simultaneously. These models tend to be lightweight and easy to move, saving heavier items for sturdier shelving.

Maximize wall space with mounted storage

Perhaps an entire commercial shelving unit is too large for the capacity you have, or perhaps your office storage space needs are much narrower in scope. A display shelf combines the convenience of extra storage with the minimal space usage of wall mounted shelves. There are several types of ledges that dress up the work area and provide the perfect spot for photos, important files, and more.

  • Floating: These models extend directly from the wall, offering a sleek, minimal design
  • Accent: Decorative accent shelves include molding details or artwork
  • Sliding door: Keep private items hidden away with these products that have doors to cover half of the storage area
  • Shelves with hooks: Store coats, pictures, and small baskets with these items

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