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Mailing tubes are convenient for packing large-format printing, artwork, long narrow items, and blueprints. They come with various options for sealing, and they vary in thicknesses. Consider strong options that will not crush to ensure items reach their destinations safely. Customize tubes for delicate items by padding and sealing to cushion against shock.

Types of mailing tubes

Shipping tubes are made of kraft, recycled paper, or plastic, and they come in various colors. Telescoping and round shapes are suitable for paper. Triangle-shape options can sit on shelves without rolling, and square tubes are easier to pack into shipping boxes. Flat mailing bag options are useful where items are not delicate but need protection from smudges and tearing.

Tubes seal in various ways. Self-sealing tubes have press-and-seal enclosures. Some options use end caps to secure items in the tubes; these units are re-usable. Other types have crimped-end seals. Options that feature reinforced corners and spiral round construction provide enhanced protection during shipping.

Consider the purpose of shipping tubes

Mailing tubes vary in thickness and strength, and some have extra padding to protect delicate items. Lightweight postal tubes provide protection from dirt and hide the contents, so use them with objects that don't require a lot of protection. Tubes of standard density are durable and withstand more pressure without crushing. Consider them for objects that require moderate protection.

Heavy-duty tubes are durable and don't lose shape under pressure. They are useful for transporting or storing delicate items. Also, use these for heavy items like metal rods. Protect delicate items from moving within tubes by using packing peanuts to fill empty spaces and absorb shocks.

Packaging options

Some tubes are adjustable to fit items of various sizes. Shipping tubes also come in various colors. Silver and gold are ideal for sending gifts. Choose packs containing between one and 50 pieces, depending on how many shipping supplies you need. When choosing tubes consider:

  • Length of the tube
  • Diameter or width
  • Padded or unpadded
  • Round, square, or triangle shaped

When packing items, keep supplies like packing tape, scissors, and labels handy. Write on the labels after securing the package to avoid taping over the address.

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