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Using the proper supplies is key to developing an efficient shipping process, and bulk bubble wrap is an essential tool for many businesses. Wholesale bubble wrap and bulk packing peanuts are optimal for protecting fragile items in transit. They're necessary for non-fragile items as well, since they prevent scrapes and scratches that can happen when an item hits the internal sides of a box.

Compare bulk bubble wrap of various dimensions

Depending on the size of your business and how frequently you have shipments, buying bubble wrap and packing peanuts bulk bundles could be a cost-effective option. Rolls of bubble wrap come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 100 to 375 feet. Most standard rolls fall in between 100 and 175 feet, with bulk bubble wrap options letting users stock up on 240 to 375 feet of product at a time.

Width is another important measurement to consider. Wider rolls accommodate larger items, minimizing the need for double-wrapping with narrow wrap. Most options are 12 to 24 feet wide.

Bulk packing peanuts

Packing peanuts are a convenient way to protect items while preparing for a shipment or move. For some, they are a more effective option than cheap bubble wrap. For an odd-shaped shipped item, it's easier to pour packing peanuts in around the object than to cover every side with bubble wrap.

Packing peanuts also work well with bubble wrap. When shipping especially fragile items, it makes sense to wrap products in bubble wrap first and then surround them with packing peanuts in bulk shipping boxes. This offers two levels of security and peace of mind for expensive products.

Cheap bubble wrap and other shipping accessories

Preparing for shipments ahead of time ensures that a business has exactly what it needs to get products out on time. Commonly used accessories include:

  • Different-sized mailing labels, including printable options
  • Bubble wrap pouches that can hold small items
  • Padded envelopes in a variety of sizes
  • Brown and transparent packing tape

When choosing packing accessories, consider the nature of the items or documents a business sends out. If sending sensitive items that require discretion, a layer of kraft paper or newsprint paper offers privacy. If you're putting items in storage and they need to be identifiable from the outside, clear bubble wrap is the optimal choice.

At, find the packaging and shipping accessories needed for every personal and professional shipment. Browse items like boxes, envelopes, tape, and bubble wrap for a fully-stocked mailing closet.

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