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Want to know more about Wall Calendars
Wall calendars make it easy to remember appointments and special events. Hang them in a central location for company or family use, or opt for a small calendar at a desk of workspace for individual use. Choose yearly calendars, so you can plan events well in advance, or opt for monthly designs with plenty of room to notate phone numbers, names, and other information.

Choosing a wall calendar over an electronic calendar

Paper wall calendars offer a variety of benefits over electronic calendars. The process of writing information down helps you memorize it and eliminates the need to learn a complicated application or program on your phone or computer. A centrally located large wall calendar provides easy access to more than one individual, which makes it ideal for use in a company break room when scheduling time off and special events. Large families can benefit from a wall calendar to set reminders of baseball games and chorus concerts, and academic calendars to track testing events or college application deadlines.

Wall calendars are portable, so they can be moved from one office to another or carried home at the end of a college term. They adhere to most flat surfaces and come in monthly, daily, or yearly designs depending on your needs.

Uses for wall calendars

Whether choosing calendars, planners, and appointment books for work or home or considering a 2018 wall calendar as a New Year’s resolution to get organized, calendars can be utilized in many situations. Calculate team or project deadlines, write in family vacations, or use a calendar to set personal and professional goals.

Large calendars that show several months at a time are ideal for viewing an entire semester at a glance, while daily calendars and desk calendars with plenty of room to write are useful when jotting down important notes, words of wisdom, friend’s and client’s phone numbers, or bill payment schedules to keep you on track.

Popular wall calendar brands

Wall calendars are not created equal. Choose from popular brands you know and trust to match existing office supplies or use decorative calendars to inject some personality into your surroundings. <b/p>

  • Quill Brand®
  • Day-Timer®
  • House of Doolittle®
  • Blue Sky®
  • Staples®
  • Turner Licensing®
  • WSBL®

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