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Whether you use them as date reminders, a spot to enter daily appointments, or a space for doodles or calculations, desk calendars have long been a staple on the office worktop. A variety of large and medium-size monthly calendars are available in an assortment of styles and ruled-lined daily and weekly layouts. All provide an essential business companion when you sit at your office desk.

Desk calendars to reflect your style

Desktop calendars are the backbone of all calendars, planners, and appointment books that professionals need to succeed in the workplace and beyond it. They're also a major part of your deskscape, offering different designs and styles to help define your workplace persona.

The most well-known are desk pad calendars with separate monthly sheets. The pages of most of these desk calendars have a durable leatherette, paperboard, or fabric binding across the top, keeping pages intact, with perforations below the binder edge for easy, clean tear-away sheets at month's end. Many offer reinforced corners to keep pages tucked in neatly.

Style statements include traditional black or navy-blue leatherette top binders and unadorned, straightforward borders and monthly page formats for executive or managerial appeal. Some bindings and borders offer tropical, floral, or bohemian designs that cater to the more personalized tastes of a variety of workers. Geometric designs, geographic vistas, and animal motifs are among many other decorative calendars with colorful, eye-popping borders and graphics to add prominence to a desktop.

Some calendars contain 52 separate pages listing the seven days of the week. Each page has a patterned, geometric black and white border that you decorate with color pens, pencils, or markers, for artistic doodling while figuring out plans and schedules. The non-dated single pages offer plenty of blank space for jotting reminders or entering appointments. While useful at the work surface, they’re also a convenient, ad hoc weekly desktop calendar for on-the-go notations to augment daily planners. Some more stylish desktop calendar designs include perpetual calendars, in paper-pad, desktop block, metal-sheet, and other material formats, that let you swap days of the week, weeks of the month, and months of the year accurately for whatever year into the future, or past, you want.

The functionality of desktop calendars

Calendars for the desktop have to be functional above all else. Most of the calendars in desk, blotter-style pads contain the 12 separate months of the year, although several are also available with up to 18 months. Current-year calendars are always available, and many manufacturers provide next-year calendars several months ahead.

Several formats are available for users to note upcoming appointments. All contain sharp, bold margin and block lines for defining days and weeks of the month. Many pad calendars show the entire 12 months of the year as a reference in the bottom margin of each specific monthly page. Others have previous- and next-month insets on the upper or lower portions of the page, providing a more immediate perspective on schedules, timelines, and events. Some manufacturers offer academic calendars, containing a July 1 start date for any 12- or 18-month given time period, enabling administrators, college or advanced students, and teachers to plan for the terms and semesters that define their unique schedules.

Brands that specialize in paper scheduling make desk pad calendars

Some well-known makers of paper-scheduling items for work, whether it's the appointment book you carry with you or the wall calendar next to your desk, also specialize in calendars for the desktop. They include respected names like:

  • At-a-GLANCE®
  • House of Doolittle®
  • TF Publishing

Quill Brand also provides high-quality desk calendars as part of its vast array of office supplies.

Types of calendars as desktop alternatives

Some calendars for the workplace come in desktop styles other than pads. Two offer daily, rather than monthly, date formats. They include binder calendars and box calendars. Both mimic their monthly counterparts with insets of previous, current, and next month delineations.

Binder calendars offer daily pages with punched holes that slide over large C- or D-ring binder clips on a plastic backer for turning daily pages easily. The clips are easy to remove to insert another year's worth of daily pages,

Most of the box calendars come with built-in stands or easels, providing an optimal desktop angle for displaying all-important date information clearly. Many box calendars are theme-based. Besides offering days and dates, several come with background art or other designs, inspirational quotes, fun and interesting facts, or even puzzles, all to provide a little diversion during a day of hectic work schedules.

Some office supplies like dry erase calendars may also be ideal as a work-surface daily and weekly planning tool. While many of these calendars have a sticky adhesive for attaching individual sheets to a wall, they work equally well on flat desktop surfaces. The calendars use wet erase markers for tracking project tasks and schedules and noting project milestones. Many are available in a weekly Sunday to Saturday column format with five sets of weekly and daily gridded rows so you can use the same dry-erase sheet over and over for any given month.

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