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Vending Machines Motivate Employees and Generate Income

Vending machines offer the ultimate convenience for you and your work teams, keeping fresh supplies of their favorite drinks and snacks close at hand.

Install a vending machine in your office to maintain employee motivation levels and avoid interruptions to workflow. Providing a readily available supply of your employees' favorite drinks and snacks also helps keep office kitchens and work spaces free from employees’ personal food and drink supplies. Easy to install, these machines can soon cover costs and make a profit.

Motivate Employees

Employees can quickly lose concentration and underperform when they are thirsty or hungry. A well-stocked vending machine can prevent them breaking off from their tasks to visit the canteen or local store. Larger machines carry a good selection of beverages, chips, crackers, candy bars and pastries. Smaller countertop designs focus on providing basic needs, while small dispensers offer the sweet sugar rush of a handful of M&Ms or Skittles or a single gumball to help keep ideas flowing.

Save Money

The initial investment cost of a vending machine soon pays off in terms of maintaining or increasing employee productivity. With regular use, the machines cover their costs and can generate a profit. Choose easy-fill, low-maintenance machines that arrive ready to plug in. Set your own price tags and choose contents you know your teams enjoy. Choose machines that take notes as they are more likely to encourage impulse buys. Electronic money-back sensors save time and frustration experienced by employees losing money into the machine, or you can select a cash-free option that uses coupons or tokens and make it part of your employee incentive or rewards scheme. Financing schemes are available to help you make the best choice for your company.

Almost everyone enjoys grabbing a refreshing soda or delicious candy bar while in the middle of a tough work day, and if you own a business, you should consider meeting these needs. Your employees will respect you even more when they realize that their favorite snacks and drinks are readily available. We pride ourselves on being able to offer high-quality vending machines, and our selection includes candy machines, soda machines, gumball machines, and even vacuum service machines for car washes or gas stations.

Make a profit while keeping your employees fed and hydrated. Happier employees lead to quality production.

Choose from a huge collection of popular and efficient vending machines.

Show respect to your employees by implementing vending machines into your break room.

An assortment of small kitchen appliances in the workplace allows you and your staff to enjoy hot beverages and meals during breaks without having to leave the building. Our range of popular break appliances includes hot and cold water dispensers, mini refrigerators, coffee makers, toaster ovens, juicers, microwaves, blenders, fryers, toasters, hot plates, and woks. We offer top brands such as Avanti, Kitchen Aid, Keurig, Breville, and Capresso. We can help you find breakroom essentials for the well-being of you and your staff.

Enjoy hot meals and beverages. Browse a range of electrical appliances that will enhance meal preparation in your workplace.

Employees save time when they can use a breakroom for meals rather than leave the office.

Eat healthily. Warm up home-cooked meals or make quick dishes from scratch.

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