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Microwaves are must-haves for any kitchen or company break room. At work, heat up a packed lunch, cook a microwavable meal, or warm up soup or a beverage. At home, defrost food quickly for a last minute meal. Combine stove cooking with compact microwaves or over range microwaves to easily prepare elaborate meals for family or friends.

Microwave oven for convenient cooking

Individuals who dislike cooking or aren’t sure how to cook can easily prepare meals with a microwave oven. These appliances are part of a range of kitchen tools and gadgets designed to be used with little effort. Compact and countertop microwaves don’t require assembly, and offer space saving benefits in tight prep areas. Microwaves come with various watts of power. Users can determine the power level needed by considering their cooking needs. Low watt microwaves are ideal for college students preparing simple meals or heating leftovers. A high watt convection microwave acts as a second oven for people who enjoy multi-task cooking, or for preparing large meals. Microwaves range in wattage from 600 to 1,200.

Microwaves provide ease of use features

These devices cook, reheat, or defrost food quickly, making life simple for people on the go. For even greater convenience, individuals can find microwaves and accessories with special features.

  • Compact microwaves save space on countertops or in dorm rooms
  • LED light displays are easy to see when making late night snacks or meals
  • Varying wattage offers versatility large items
  • Pre-set options help individuals cook popcorn, potatoes, beverages, pizza, and frozen foods
  • Kitchen timer to keep track of cooking times

Microwaves are ideal for breakrooms

Whether using a compact microwave or a countertop microwave to save space, this product is ideal for employee breakrooms. Reheated leftovers, snacks, vending machine items, and microwaveable meals keep employees fed quickly, eliminating travel to off site restaurants or markets. A large choice of microwaveable morning snacks and breakfasts provide workers with an energized start to the day. Other handy breakroom appliances include coffee makers, water filters, and vending machines that complement the oven. Design a breakroom with these products to keep employees happy, satisfied, and focused on their work.

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