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Want to know more about Open Shelf Files
Open shelf files allow users to store documents and paperwork upright in folders. Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals use them to organize documents that make it easy for them to quickly locate information. There are several types of storage for open shelving and different accessories to people can add on.

Open shelf files types

There are several designs to look at when choosing an open file shelf. Some are single-unit options with multiple shelves already attached together for hassle-free storage. Stackable units allow users to start small and build up to bigger models when necessary. Others have adjustable shelving that usually moves in 0.5-inch increments to fit a wide variety of file folder sizes. If you are storing x-rays in these stacked units, then consider an open storage system designed specifically to hold x-rays.

Double view cabinets allow users to look for documents from both sides of the furniture, giving more room for employees to find information. For small areas, consider pivot wall racks that attach to the wall instead of needing a whole unit. Enclosed cabinets have doors that not only keep private information safe but also protect paper from dirt and sunlight.

Open file shelf accessories

Get more from a paper file shelf with file cabinet accessories. A posting shelf pulls out or folds down from the cabinet to provide an area to peruse files or make notes without having to move to a table. With track systems, users can move heavy units back and forth across a room and they allow for installation of several systems close together for maximum space usage. Extra dividers make the storage products sturdier for holding more weight. Spacers rest on shelves to help make differently sized folders fit, which is an especially helpful feature when certain models are not adjustable.

Benefits of open shelf filing

There are several benefits of using open medical file storage, and they include:

  • Use nearly all the vertical space in a room
  • No need to open heavy drawers
  • Extra space is not necessary for open drawers
  • Eliminates the need to bend over drawers to find documents
  • Cabinet doors are lockable to keep private information safe

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