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File Cabinets Organize Paperwork Around the Office

Use file cabinets to sort documents and make them easy for employees to find. Filing cabinets with locks prevent unauthorized access to drawers.

Find the right file cabinet for your office with the lateral and vertical options offered by Quill. Combine a file cabinet with folders and labels to create an easy-to-follow organizational system for all your company's paperwork, resulting in a more efficient office. File cabinets with locks keep your company's documents protected, and you can use the lock bypass if you want employees to have quick access to certain drawers.

Organize Documents

Make sure loose paperwork and folders are kept to a minimum at your office by setting up a file cabinet. Label drawers alphabetically or by category so employees can find documents immediately, without needing to open every drawer first.

Choose the Number of Drawers

Choosing a file cabinet with the appropriate number of drawers ensures that your company has space for all its documents, so employees won't have to cram paperwork into place or waste time opening drawers that are completely empty. Quill offers file cabinets ranging from one to 10 drawers, so you can find one that meets your office's needs.

Fitting all your files into limited space is a challenging reality for many businesses. When it comes to choosing the best file cabinets for your office, you need to consider whether wall space or floor space is the biggest issue. If you’ve got some extra wall to spare but want the smallest possible footprint when you open the file drawer, lateral file storage is the way go. The wide file drawers hold a horizontal rack of hanging files, and it’s easy to see everything inside at a glance. With so much space in a single drawer, organization is a breeze, and some people find that the shallower drawers are more comfortable to work with.

Whether you need a couple of drawers for your home office or are looking to furnish the filing room for a major enterprise, you’ll find the cabinets you need right here. At Quill we understand that your filing system is a vital part of your business, so we offer a large selection of high quality file storage, including lateral filing cabinets in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Once you’ve decided on the lateral file cabinet dimensions you need, you can choose from two, three, four or five units in several different colors. Many of the filing cabinets we carry offer security features such as fireproof and locking drawers to keep your precious files safe even in the face of disaster.

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