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Networking & WiFi

Computer networking equipment and WiFi let you create the network your employees or home needs, whether it's a quick and powerful one that is capable of handling thousands of inquiries per second or a simple one that lets your customers get online. Firewalls give you additional levels of protection, a wireless router connects you over WiFi, a USB wireless adapter provides WiFi on the go, and network-attached storage lets you store all your important files wirelessly. You can even get networked security systems from Netgear and Defender that record everything and stream it to you privately over your network, or a WiFi extender to extend the range of your network.

Networking & WiFi
Just a few years ago, everyone that needed an internet connection focused on wires: how would they hook up a router? How would they make that connection? Wireless networks, often called wi–fi connections, have changed all that. There's still a need for internet modems, but wireless routers and other wireless gear have made cords less of a concern. For all those internet–capability needs, turn to Quill.

At Quill, we start with the basics and build off of that. For example, most personal internet users require a modem to get started, and build their wireless network from there. You'll find cable modems for all different functions and at all different speeds at Quill.

If you've made the leap to minimize wires as much as possible, then you'll want wireless router options. At Quill, you can start small—say, a single user—and build from there to a family–focused, whole&ndashhome option for your wi&ndashfi connections. Choosing the best wifi router is really up to you, your budget, and your needs.

Of course, everyone struggles with wanting more from their wireless network—more speed, more accessibility. At Quill, you'll find that with wifi extender hardware and accessories. Many are plug–and–go, as well as budget–friendly.

Providing security and managing power for your wireless network is also a necessity, whether you're at home or in the office. Quill's selection of wi–fi connection tools includes those specialty items such as firewalls, adaptors, cables, and power distribution units. We also have network testing tools so you can create and manage your whole network, from cable modem to wifi extender and beyond.

Use Quill's expertise to find the products you need for every step in your journey to provide faster, more secure internet access to your home and office.

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