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Surge Protectors & Power Monitors to Keep Equipment Safe

Keep your company's expensive electronics safe with surge protectors and power monitors. With models from brands such as Tripp Lite and APC, you can enjoy peace of mind and minimal oversight — each unit is engineered to stop dangerous power spikes automatically. Protect phones and office equipment with low-voltage units, or manage the electricity running to AC units and industrial equipment with powerful high-voltage surge suppressors. At Quill, we understand the importance of keeping up appearances; choose surge protectors in a variety of colors and finishes, from classic black to wood grain-patterned models that blend in with your floors.

Surge Protection to Help Devices Last Longer

Extend the lifetime of your valuable computers and electronic devices with surge protectors and power monitors. Surge protectors take the hassle out of device protection — they automatically detect and redirect excess voltage, reducing the wear on microprocessors and other internal components. When you're dealing with highly sensitive equipment, such as servers and cooling devices, take your power-management procedure to the next level with power monitors. Each one tracks electricity and sounds an alarm when the power fails or the battery backup is low, so you can take action quickly and keep the system online.

Multiple Outlets to Accommodate All of Your Electronics

Stretch the capacity of each power outlet in the office with multi-receptacle surge protectors and power monitors. Gone are the days of unplugging one device to find room for another — with strips of five or more outlets, your employees can plug in their computers, smart phones and office peripherals simultaneously. Keep your high-traffic copy center or break room running smoothly with power monitors that feature three rows of outlets, or connect a wider range of devices with surge protectors that feature coax cable connectors, USB ports and phone jacks.

Compact Units Conserve Valuable Office Space

Save space and keep your employees from tripping over extension cords with compact surge protectors and power monitors. Equip individual workstations with miniature units that tuck behind a desk, or eliminate cord clutter with units that plug directly into the wall without a power cable. Dealing with a small office? Surge protectors with integrated desk mounts fasten directly to the back of a desk or bookcase, so you can save floor space and improve cable management. Find the right power cord on the first try with color-coded power strips with matching cable tags.

Convenient Designs for Easy Power Control

When it comes to utility costs, less is more. With surge protectors and power monitors, you can control the flow of power and manage your company's monthly bills. Electronic devices can draw power, even when they are turned off — choose surge protectors with convenient on/off switches to conserve electricity at night or over the weekend.

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