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Strapping Tools  (10 Products)
Reinforce heavy packages with poly strapping kits, which include tape, tensioners, and strapping protectors. Practical poly strapping tensioners offer a seamless way to wrap a package in a professional fashion so that nothing can fall out later. Look for bundle deals with poly strapping tools to prepare for varied mailing projects in the future. Read More
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Postal-Approved Poly Strapping Kit, 3,000, 1 Kit

Postal-Approved Poly Strapping Kit, 3,000', 1 Kit

300 plastic buckles
400 lbs. break strength
Each kit includes a tensioner/cutter
$84.99 Each
Item # 901-567673
General-Purpose Poly Strapping Kit, 9,000, 1 Kit

General-Purpose Poly Strapping Kit, 9,000', 1 Kit

1000 metal buckles
400 lbs. break strength
Each kit includes a tensioner/cutter
$144.99 Each
Item # 901-567672
Staples Edge Protector 2 x 2 x 24 .120, 200 Count (EP2224120BX)

Staples Edge Protector 2" x 2" x 24" .120, 200 Count (EP2224120BX)

Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 24"
Convenient case packs save space
Secure edge protector to load with stretch film, steel strapping or poly strapping
$89.99 Carton When you buy 5+
Item # 901-947723BOX
Staples Jaw Sealer, 1/2 (ES48SJ)

Staples Jaw Sealer, 1/2" (ES48SJ)

Type: Sealer
Size: 17"
Strap Size: 0.5"
$106.99 Each
Item # 901-691434
Staples Poly Strapping Seal Crimper (688357)

Staples Poly Strapping Seal Crimper (688357)

Poly Strapping Seal Crimper
Ideal for all regular duty applications
Works on both polyester and polypropylene strappin
$39.99 Each
Item # 901-688357
Staples Strapping Tensioner (PST34)

Staples Strapping Tensioner (PST34)

Use on 1/2 inch poly strapping
Handle cranks down to achieve maximum strapping tension before you apply seals or buckles
Unit also trims excess strapping
$63.99 Each
Item # 901-691399
Staples Steel Strapping Tensioner (#OM75)

Staples Steel Strapping Tensioner (#OM75)

Steel Strapping Tensioner
Accommodates steel strapping from 1/2" x .015 to 3/4" x .023
1 Each
$144.99 Each
Item # 901-691416
Staples Manual Polyester Tensioner (PST-PET)

Staples Manual Polyester Tensioner (PST-PET)

Warranty: 90 Days
Polyester Tensioner
Advanced design creates high tension and tight fit with polyester strapping
$70.99 Each
Item # 901-688372
3/4 - Staples Heavy-Duty Double Notch Steel Strapping Sealer (SST11534)

3/4" - Staples Heavy-Duty Double Notch Steel Strapping Sealer (SST11534)

Staples Heavy Duty Double Notch Steel Strapping Sealer
1 Each
$181.99 Each
Item # 901-946332BOX
SI Products Staples Strapping Protector, 2 x 2 x 3 .225, 600 Count (VBDSP223225)
$104.99 Carton
Item # 901-948229BOX
Want to know more about Strapping Tools

Poly strapping kits for various mailing needs

Add structural stability to mailing packages by using durable poly strapping kits from Quill. The selection includes jaw sealers, poly strapping tensioners, and edge protectors so you can secure boxes with sensitive contents. With high-end shipping, packing, and mailing supplies such as steel strapping, companies can guarantee customer satisfaction via professional package deliveries. Meet upcoming mailing tasks at work with shipping, packing, and mailing supplies, which feature bundle deals. 

Characteristics of poly strapping tensioners and other tools

Users can crank the handle on tensioners down to achieve maximum tension while securing a corrugated box in the mailroom. Tensioners are also ideal for removing excessive strapping for a professional and visually appealing look. Metal buckles in large quantities are available so that employees need not reorder them frequently, saving time. High break strength of strapping supplies ensures that all mailing items keep their shape and contents in good condition until the customer receives the package. Some details of poly strapping tools include:

  • Suitable for polyester and polypropylene strapping
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Practical, hassle-free design
  • Combination tool designs for multiple applications

Assemble a high volume of packages efficiently by using poly strapping tools, strapping, and other shipping supplies.

Advantages and uses of poly strapping supplies 

Durable strapping products are ideal for palleting stacks of wood, paper, or varying produce into a single unit that’s ready for shipment. Plastic strapping ensures a solid seal around the package even if contents shift slightly during delivery, making them ideal for long-distance transits. Moisture resistance is another benefit of plastic straps, helping them stay intact under adverse weather conditions. It’s very easy to bend the strapping material when disassembling a package so you can dispose of it quickly and efficiently. Sharp box cutters are essential for quick and seamless strapping cuts when receiving new merchandise into an establishment or a warehouse.

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