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Quill Brand® Top-Loading Sheet Protectors
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Top-loading sheet protectors keep manuals and portfolios safe from tears and spills. Clear sheet protectors also allow reading without removal. Whether you choose letter- or legal-sized clear sheet protectors, save time and resources by printing important documents once, and then keeping them looking like new.

Top-loading page protectors for preservation

Top-loading sheet protectors prevent unsightly and unprofessional creases, stains, bent corners, and tears. They also allow employees to handle documents frequently without worrying about fingerprint oils making the pages look dirty. Clear sheet protectors feature archival, acid-free polypropylene, so they won’t lift ink or toner from the pages, leaving them looking crisp and clean. There’s a sheet protector for most office documents, since they are available in both 8.5 x 11-inch letter and 8.5 x 14-inch legal sizes. Each protector holds two pages for quick reading, or more pages when using them for storage. The top-loading opening makes it easy to insert and remove pages.

Letter- or legal-sized clear sheet protectors for convenience

Both semi-clear and clear page protectors allow for reading without removing the documents, saving time when using employee manuals, checklists, and other daily-use papers. Because documents don’t have to be reprinted often, the protectors also save money on toner, ink, and paper. Both sizes have a 1/2-inch reinforced margin tab that comes pre-punched for insertion into binders. Letter-sized protectors have three holes punched, while the legal-sized style has seven holes, allowing users to place them into three- or four-holed notebooks. Protectors are also available in various thicknesses to suit office and document needs: 

  • 2.0 mil - for documents that see infrequent use
  • 2.8 mil - for regular handling of documents
  • 3.3 mil - for papers used every day

Organization Benefits

Clear protectors make organization easy. If employees need to change the order of the pages in the binder, it’s a simple matter of opening the binder rings, pulling the protector out, placing it in the new spot, and closing the rings. This eliminates cutting, pasting, and reprinting. The page covers also work well with a variety of binder tabs and dividers, along with various other binder accessories.

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