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Despite living in an incredibly digital age, office printers are still a necessity. Whether it's the nature of the content or the amount required, hard copies are often the best option. Computer printers make it easy to produce all types of documents, which increases workflow. As an integral part of your office setup, it saves time and money.

Computer printers and scanners for every task

Maybe it's time to eliminate boxes of paper and upload vital documents to cloud files, or part of your company's purpose includes specially printed menus, brochures, invitations, or other eye-catching handouts. To complete all these tasks, check out a range of printers and scanners and choose the model that best fits your business needs. Consider models with features such as automatic duplex printing to reduce paper use. Some printers offer multiple connectivity types and connect easily, connect easily to your office network, and allow printing from mobile devices for optimal efficiency.

Determine your need for office printers

Identify your office's needs, space, and preferences. You have many choices with these devices, such as printers that are wireless and all-in-one options, as well as laser or inkjet printers and 3D replicators. Desktop models have a small footprint and are a smart choice for small businesses where space is at a premium. For larger companies or those with more demanding print needs, large high-capacity models are the best option. For optimal efficiency in demanding businesses, choose models that accept high-yield ink cartridges that produce up to 12,000 pages. Ensure you purchase a printer with a maximum monthly duty cycle that significantly exceeds the maximum number of pages you think your business will produce in a month; this optimizes the lifespan of the printer and reduces the need for maintenance.

Popular printer brand names

Several companies are well known for their office printer models, and they fit the needs of everyone from mom-and-pop businesses and small companies to worldwide corporations.

  • Brother®
  • Canon®
  • Epson®
  • Fujitsu
  • HP®
  • Samsung®

Choose the right supplies for your computer printers

Avoid frustration and delays by always having your printers ready to handle whatever the day brings. Find an extensive range of supplies to keep your devices running smoothly, including items in bulk, accessories, and replacement parts.

  • Inks and toners -- use's ink and toner finder to maintain optimum results with cartridges that match your models
  • Paper -- choose from thermal, photo, glossy, matte, stock, label, color, custom, receipt, and tattoo options
  • Power supply covers -- keeps all cords intact for more aesthetically pleasing appearances
  • Batteries -- have extras ones on hand, should your printers require new ones
  • Printer trays -- additional ones are ideal for holding generous paper outputs
  • Ethernet cables -- you never know when wireless networks may become spotty
  • 3D supplies - you may require filaments, removal tools, polyimide tape, nozzle cleaners, smoothing pens, glass plates, spatulas, or adhesion solution

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