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A price tagging gun is a durable and reliable tool that can help store employees keep track of inventory. Price tags are easy to manage thanks to an intuitive reloading system that also allows for convenient maintenance. In addition, the streamlined price maker label functionality helps users quickly go through products and keep prices up to date.

Price tagging gun built to last

As with most other retail store supplies, pricing guns feature designs that can survive many shopping seasons. Aside from drop-testing new pricing guns, manufacturers also design their products with future maintenance in mind. Many price marker gun designs include liftable covers so that users can fix any underlying issues before moving on to their next task. Although pricing guns go through a considerable number of tags in a short time, they're built to maintain a consistent level of quality. Stores that work with a high volume of price tags want to make sure they have reliable pricing devices on their side.

Easily swap out price tags and labels

For stores that regularly cycle in new products, it's important to find price marker label guns that won't slow down the inventory management process. Modern pricing guns can help streamline the process in several ways:

  • Snap-in ink rollers reduce potential cleanup
  • Versatile loading system minimizes downtime between tasks
  • Models with increased capacity store more labels for fewer refills

While pricing gun labels help cut down on time spent managing new products, they can also help speed up shipments involving retail boxes. Businesses that send out large shipments can use pricing gun labels to stay organized. The right retail signs can also help stores improve their organization both on the sales floor and in the warehouse.

Ergonomic design suited for prolonged use

Thanks to the pricing gun's ergonomic, handheld design, applying retail tags to new products is a fast and smooth process. Users can apply new labels and tags without having to worry about malfunctions or hand cramps. In fact, some models also include knuckle guards for added comfort and convenience. Despite handling a considerable amount of ink, pricing guns have a specific design that prevents spillage and protects against most potential accidents.

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