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Use a polybag to ensure items stay intact during storage or transport. This durable and flexible container offers optimal protection against dirt, dust, and moisture. Aside from functionality, clear poly bags also provide an easy way to identify sealed merchandise. For high-volume applications, consider bulk poly bags to cover all your packaging or shipping needs.

Deliver versatile solutions with poly bags

The flexible and robust construction of polybags makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. They come in different sizes and mil thicknesses for holding items of varied dimensions and weights. Buying bulk poly bags let users have plenty on hand to eliminate the risk of running out during important jobs. For efficient storage options, gusseted poly bags expand to increase carrying capacity. Lay-flat poly bags in individual sets or roll formats let you store, arrange, and display utility items at home or in the workplace. Add labels on clear poly bags for easy organization of electronic parts or medical supplies. Poly bags resist moisture and certain other corrosives to ensure packages arrive in pristine condition when shipped to warehouses, retail outlets, or customers. Along with poly tubing and specialty poly bags, Quill also carries a broad selection of shipping supplies to cover all your packing and consignment needs.

Enhance visibility with clear poly bags

Display merchandise on store shelves using clear poly bags. They provide high marketing appeal in showcasing a variety of products. Ideal for retail industries, transparent poly bags let consumers get a clear view of the contents for easy identification. This allows for a quick assessment of important product characteristics, which minimizes the likelihood of purchasing the wrong material or color. Poly bags with hang holes also enable vertical display and face-forward presentation. This makes it easy to read item information, inspection data, warranties, and business permits.

Different poly bag closure styles

Closing mechanisms on poly bags keep items safe as well as ensure ease of opening. Common types of closures found on these containers include:

  • Open-end twist tie: Metal wire strips fasten firmly for a simple and reusable sealing solution
  • Reclosable: Pinch tracks or slider zippers enable resealing for repeated access to packaged items
  • Heat-sealable: Thermal application creates airtight seals for maximum protection against contaminants
  • Peel and seal: Adhesive film forms an instant bond for a fast sealing method

Poly bags with open-end twist tie closures help maintain the freshness of bread and other baked goods. When it comes to general transport and food storage options, resealable poly bags are a popular choice for home and commercial settings. Opt for poly bags with United States Food and Drug Administration or U.S. Department of Agriculture approval to ensure safe use.

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