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Want to know more about Tape Dispensers
Handle tape conveniently with a packing tape dispenser. It holds single or multiple rolls and accommodates different tape sizes. It can also fit standard, acrylic, hot melt, or filament tapes for versatility. For securing boxes, a tape gun boosts output and lets users lay down tape comfortably. Equip busy packing facilities and mail centers with a shipping tape dispenser to save valuable time.

Cut fast with a packing tape dispenser

Pull and tear off tape quickly with an easy-loading packing tape dispenser. Its serrated edges provide clean, straight cuts for precise results. The sharp blades also resist splintering and slivering to minimize wastage. A dispenser prevents the tape from rolling up onto itself to keep the end accessible for the next taping job. When sealing multiple cartons and shipping boxes, a tape gun increases packaging speeds significantly. Most designs come with heat-treated cutters for smooth tape release. To ensure user safety, the blades retract to protect against hand and finger injuries.

Choose a suitable tape dispenser

Packing tape dispensers vary in size, color, and style to cover unique application requirements and preferences. From desktop and handheld options to disposable and refillable units, there’s a tape dispensing solution for your needs. Some brands even include starter rolls so you can get to work immediately. For applying short lengths of packing tape, conventional tape dispensers with basic features serve this purpose. Look for models with a low unwind noise for quiet operation at home or in professional settings.

Commercial and industrial tape applicators like tape guns often incorporate special features to accomplish heavy-duty projects. For maximum durability, these tools come with a sturdy assembly of steel frame and high-impact plastic to withstand rough conditions. This robust construction also enables industrial tape dispensers to handle frequent use.

Advanced features of a tape gun

A pistol-grip shipping tape dispenser optimizes processes to increase productivity and provide user convenience. Some standard features of tape guns include:

  • Tension control: Built-in knob tightens or loosens tape release for smooth, continuous dispensing
  • Brake mechanism: Adjustable hand brake provides optimal control for secure and consistent seals
  • Comfort grip: Contoured hand grip reduces wrist fatigue for effortless application

Some high-end models also sport antimicrobial foam handles to inhibit bacterial growth and promote a clean working environment. Stock up on packing adhesives, tape dispensers, and shipping supplies to meet high-volume shipping and long-term storage needs. 

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