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Office Décor, Homewares & Appliances

We spend a lot of time at the office. In fact, many say their workplace is their home away from home. But have you ever thought about what your office says about you? With the amount of time you spend there, we think it’s a great idea to make your office feel more like home. Office décor is the perfect way to add character to your workspace and help make your office more comfortable and inspiring. Adding desk decorations, like a great potted plant or framed photo or piece of wall art by your favorite artist, help make your space look put-together and polished. Adding decorative touches to your cube, office or home office will help work seem a little less like work. Plus, a well-decorated space not only looks great, but it might even help you be more efficient and inspiring… what’s not to love about that?

Office Décor, Homewares & Appliances
The basics—desks, computers, and chairs—are a good place to start building an office for your company. But the basics can get boring pretty quickly for employees and visitors. Instead, you may need to create a more well–designed space that's appealing for every type of interaction. To do that, turn to Quill's office décor and office decorations.

At Quill, decorations for the office can help enhance walls and desks, as well as shared and public spaces. If you're not sure where to start, pick a surface—say, the floors. Many offices stick to neutral flooring and floor coverings. Area rugs with a pop of color or pattern add warmth and beauty to conference rooms, individual cubes, or shared spaces. And Quill's wide range of decorations for the office include multi–taskers such as clocks and decorative accents.

Of course, bare walls are one of the easiest ways to make office spaces boring—but office décor like wall art and office frames can be expensive. At Quill, you'll find a variety of both, from simple solutions to framing inexpensive posters to certificate and document office frames and pre–made art that lends style to your walls, too. And lighting can make a huge difference, both in the daily moods of people using the spaces as well as how an office looks and feels. At Quill, you can take control of your office lighting with a range of bulbs as well as lighting accessories—controls and dimmers to name just two—as well as office décor–focused lighting fixtures, from desk lamps to floor options, too.

Finally, if your office is finished but your home needs some sprucing up, turn to Quill. We can help outfit every home–focused space, from bedrooms to living rooms and more. Quill's office solutions can do double duty at home, too.

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