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Medical Swabs and Applicators for Precision Cleaning

Keeping your medical office or nurse’s station stocked with medical swabs and applicators is just one step towards consistent and effective patient care, and bulk packages make it easy to outfit busy practices and keep plenty of extras on hand in the event of an emergency. With so many doctors and clinics to choose from, it’s important for you to maintain your storeroom to keep your patients comfortable and happy. The added attention to detail is not only necessary but needed to establish patient trust in your clinic's successful medical practice.

Ensure a Hygienic Exam Room

Many of the medical swabs and applicators needed for examinations come in sterile packaging, which is required for certain tests and treatments. While it’s necessary to keep a germ-free environment in any medical examination room, some items need to be completely sterile due to the nature of their use. These types of applicators reduce the risk of infection and germs and ensure each patient is treated with a new, germ-free applicator. The Curity cotton-tipped applicators and the Medline Glycerin swabsticks both offer sterile packaging for safe and secure use.

Add Personality to Your Practice

If you want to infuse a little personality into your dental practice, PREHMA micro applicators come in several different color choices depending on your own personal style. Bright colors show how cool you are, which can inspire conversation and put your patients at ease. You can also choose colorful surgical aspirators, so your younger patients aren’t spooked out due to an overly institutional exam room. Even though it’s a common misconception that exam rooms must be stark white in order to be sterile, you can choose from several colorful sterile medical swabs and applicators to suit your tastes and make your patients smile.

Keep Patients Comfortable

Not all exam instruments have to be intimidating. You can purchase medical swabs and applicators that have fuzzy and cozy tips for added comfort. Instead of freaking patients out with metal tools that remind them of a horror flick, choose soft Medline sterile cotton-tipped applicators and Medline non-sterile cotton rolls that not only look soft but feel cozy.

Take Control in Limited Environments

If you are working in the back of someone’s mouth, you want to be sure each movement you make is accurate and detailed. The last thing your patient wants to hear you say is “Oops” or to feel you swab something that shouldn’t be swabbed. With PREHMA micro applicators, the ends are super small to help eliminate any slip-ups you might otherwise make. The Medline cotton swabs also have long wooden handles that let you reach back into small spaces while keeping your hands and fingers out of harm's way.

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