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With glove dispensers strategically placed near counters, exam tables, and lab rooms, you'll always have gloves readily available, and know when it's time for refills. Eliminate delays and cancellations because you have to look for gloves or have to make an emergency run to the store by keeping glove dispensers, stocked with the right sized gloved, close to hand.

Glove dispensers are essential storage solutions

It's easy to accidentally drop or knock a box of gloves into a contaminating substance or spill something on it. By securing them into a glove box holder, you'll keep the gloves clean and undamaged, and easily accessible to everyone. These organizers are pre-drilled for vertical or horizontal wall mounting or can remain on countertops; models range from single to quadruple pockets. Holding more than one box is particularly appealing if different size gloves are needed or a variety of types, such as latex-free or nitrile gloves. Depending upon what type of dispenser you have, boxes are loaded through the side or top of the holder, so it's always convenient to reach.

Choose a glove box holder that complements the room

Dispensers are available in different designs to fit your personal preferences and professional aesthetics. There are plastic, coated wire, and frosted or clear acrylic options, as well as holders made from recyclable materials. If you prefer your glove box dispensers to blend into the room, you may prefer single or double pocket oak cabinet-style organizers or stainless steel open-face models. For additional consolidation of medical supplies, consider a 19.5"" (h) x 17.25“ (w) x 4.75“ (d) dispenser that holds a couple of boxes of latex gloves, along with tissues, wipes, and masks.

Consider these name brand companies for a glove holder

Whether you're still comparing exam gloves vs. surgical gloves or know what you need, there's a glove holder that will neatly and securely hold them. Some of the popular manufacturer names include:

  • Wooden Mallet
  • Unimed Midwest
  • Omnimed Inc.®
  • Medline
  • Cottage Corporation
  • Bowman™

Other clinic necessities as important as glove dispensers

While getting a glove box holder for every station, also double-check that your staff has an ample supply of other necessities. Check Quill's extensive inventory of clipboards, Post-Its®, binder clips, and rollerball pens, and don't forget about sign-in sheets and insurance forms. Not only are vinyl gloves available in cases, but so are hot and cold packs, pump hand soaps and refills, and disinfecting wipes, so every room can be well stocked.

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