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Headrest Paper Rolls for Patient Protection

Roll out the red carpet for patients with headrest paper rolls. These narrow rolls fit perfectly over headrests, giving patients peace of mind. The paper creates a reliable barrier and makes cleanup a breeze after each appointment.

Keep the Paper Rolling

Paper rolls slide easily onto roll holders built into the headrests. Simply install a new roll, pull the paper over and your providers are ready for patients. Long rolls up to 225 feet long last through lots of patients before needing replaced, which keeps your employees focused on patient care instead of housekeeping tasks. Choose between a variety of widths to perfectly fit the headrests in your office.

Protect Patient Health

The rolls use premium paper designed to create a barrier between the patient's head and the headrest, keeping germs, grease and other gunk from reaching the upholstery on the headrest, which reduces the chance of spreading it all on to other patients. The paper is designed to resist tearing and absorb moisture, so it holds up reliably during a patient's entire appointment. Crepe rolls give patients an even softer experience with a soft texture similar to linen.

Clean up Quickly

Cleaning up after each patient is part of keeping the office clean and sanitary, but you also want your providers making efficient use of their time. Headrest paper rolls simplify that cleaning process so you can keep the patients moving through the office. Your staff still needs to clean to keep things sanitary, but the paper over the headrest keeps a lot of the usual dirt and grime from accumulating. It won't take nearly as much elbow grease to keep the headrests in your office sparkling clean and sanitary.

Headrest Sheets for Hygienic Environments

Use headrest sheets to create a hygienic environment for patients in your chiropractic, massage or physical therapy practice. Having multiple people use the same headrest raises a risk for cross contamination. Simple paper sheets placed over headrests keep each patient safe from previous patients and makes the table easier for your staff to clean.

Keep Patients Moving

No one wants to wait long for an appointment, but your patients also expect a clean environment. Headrest sheets let your staff prepare for the next patient quickly. The sheet from the previous client gets tossed in the trash. After a quick wipe down, the new sheet goes on the headrest in anticipation of the next patient. Since they're pre-cut to fit standard headrests, your staff doesn't waste time cutting or adjusting the sheets to fit.

Keep Patients Safe

You never know what type of germs, oils and products patients may bring into the office with them via their heads. Since a steady stream of patients uses the same headrest, it only makes sense to put a barrier of protection over the upholstery. The paper used on the sheets is designed to keep each person's germs contained instead of passing on from patient to patient. The people who walk through your door feel protected when they see headrest sheets in use.

Keep Patients Breathing Easy

Some headrest sheets come with slits cut in the middle. This handy feature makes it easy for patients to breathe when they lie face down. The slit allows the mouth and nose to freely access oxygen to avoid that "can't breathe" feeling.

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