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Want to know more about Fireproof File Cabinets
Businesses in all industries have irreplaceable files, creating the need for a fireproof file cabinet. Paper burns extremely quickly, and without proper protection, important paperwork can burn in seconds. Purchasing a fireproof cabinet gives you one less thing to worry about if a fire occurs. There are several factors to consider while shopping for a fireproof storage cabinet.

Choose a fireproof file cabinet with an hourly rating

One of the first factors to think about is how long it could take any fire to be extinguished. Even a secure file cabinet designed to withstand temperatures of 1700 degrees or more can break down after hours of exposure. In an urban area, the fire department could arrive in a matter of minutes, so one hour of protection could be sufficient. If your business is located in a rural area, consider the resources of your nearest fire department, their average response time, and how long it would take to fully put out an engulfed building. Products are generally rated for one or two hours.

UL ratings on fireproof file storage

The UL rating is one of the main priorities when looking into a FireKing® cabinet or another fireproof cabinet. There are several UL ratings.

  • Class 350
  • Class 150
  • Class 125

The number refers to the upper temperature limit of a file cabinet's contents. If exposed to 1700 degrees of heat, a Class 350 lateral or vertical file cabinet won't have an internal temperature higher than 350 degrees. Class 350 is sufficient for paper documents. Class 150 protects magnetic tapes and film. Class 125 cabinets are ideal for computer disks, data cartridges, and backup storage.

Secure file cabinet options with impact ratings

Businesses with multiple stories should consider a fireproof file cabinet that has been impact tested. When a building burns, structural damage can cause floors to collapse. A filing cabinet that has been impact tested retains its ability to resist heat after being dropped 30 feet. This feature ensures that your documents and data remain safe if they fall between floors during a fire. This feature isn't as important for single-story buildings or businesses.

Waterproof file cabinet options

Most fireproof file storage options are also waterproof. When firefighters are putting out a fire, feel secure that your storage cabinet won't let water seep in and destroy paperwork.

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