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Want to know more about Notepads
There are many kinds of notepads in sizes that fit every type of writer. Choose legal pads for lawyers, journals for authors, and notebooks for students. Find fun colors, different bindings, and many rules. There is something for everyone no matter the writing need, including bulk notepads for prolific writers or classroom requirements.

Paper sizes for notepads

Instead of using copy paper to take notes, find notepads that keep paper together to make things easier. Paper sizes often vary based on the writer’s work. Larger notebooks contain plenty of room to write full sentences, while smaller pads work great for quick messages or short-hand notetaking. Quill notepads, including those available as bulk notepads, come in many different sizes including:

  • Legal (8.5 x 14 inches) -- this pad size has a 1-1/4-inch margin designed for lawyers, judges, and general notetakers
  • Junior legal (5 x 8 inches) -- a smaller pad with a 1-1/4-inch margin for easy carrying and shorter notes
  • Steno (6 x 9 inches) -- a small pad with a line down the middle for separating notes and calculations
  • Reporter (4 x 8 inches): -- this tall notebook fits in small spaces but provides plenty of room for quick notetaking

Choosing binding for notepads

Deciding on notepad binding is personal preference. Rings make it possible to flip pages to the back and out of the way. Glue binding makes the sheets effortless to remove. There are two places that the binding sits. When it is on the left side, you can write on the backs of the pages as well, allowing you to fully use each of the sheets. Find this type in notebooks and journals. Binding on the top is simple for flipping pages behind the notepad.

Pick the perfect rule on notebooks

Paper comes in several ruled sizes. This is the distance between horizontal lines and also includes any vertical lines or margins. Rule sizes often coincide with the paper size. Here are the most common ruled paper sizes:

  • Wide ruled is 11/32 inches and used in schools for learning to write
  • Narrow ruled is 1/4 inches for small handwriting and contains more lines
  • Gregg ruled is the same as wide ruled but has a line down the center
  • Planner or special ruled contains numbers on each line to keep things organized
  • College ruled is 9/32 inches and used for college papers and essays

Help the environment with recycled notebooks

Many notebooks come from recycled material, so check notepads for any reference to recycling. There is often a mobius symbol with a percentage inside that states how much of the pad comes from recycled matter.

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