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Medical practices need ultra-sanitary exam rooms, and exam table paper for protecting padded examination platforms and the patients who sit or lie down on them is one of the essential hygienic supplies. The rolls available at Quill have plenty of length for accommodating dozens of patients per table cover roll.

Exam table paper makes examinations more efficient

Along with other supplies like disposable latex gloves and sterilized supplies in glass jars, a fresh clean paper cover on the exam table lets patients know they’re in a sanitary environment. Calming patients is essential for accurate blood pressure readings and nonsurgical procedures. The spotless white surface of a table cover roll adds to the germ-free quality of the exam room. The rolls also come in doodad prints to give kids visuals to shift their attention during procedures. For adult patients, clean white exam table paper comes in pastel prints to add cheer to the medical room ambience


Paper table covers are comfortable

Paper for exam tables comes in either smooth or crepe-textured finishes. Most of the smooth white paper has a thin wax coating to give patients a softer surface and less resistance to their movement. Crepe-textured paper has an even suppler, more linen-like finish for surface comfort, and it doesn’t slide around on the surface as patients shift around.

A table cover roll protects the table surface

Medical supplies are tough, to withstand the rigors of exams and procedures and the instruments they require. Like the puncture- and penetration-resistant disposable nitrile gloves that practitioners wear for exams, the tear-resistant, absorbent exam table paper protects the table surface during procedures. The highly absorbent paper keeps the padded tabletop clean, and its 14- to 20-pound gauge is strong enough to resist rips and tears as patients shift positions. Some paper has a laminated poly backing to provide a more formidable barrier against the penetration of fluids during exams and procedures.

A long table cover roll for many patients

Like many medical supplies, exam tables come in different dimensions. Even for longer exam tables at 6 feet in length, the 125- or 225-foot smooth, crepe paper rolls accommodate between 20 and 30 patients easily per table cover roll. The rolls also come in a choice of different widths:

  • 5 inches (for toddlers and juveniles)
  • 18 inches
  • 20 inches
  • 21 inches

The rolls are wide enough to cover most of the surface area of tables.

Some exam table paper is latex-free

Like surgical gloves that are free of latex so as not to introduce an allergenic substance into or onto a patient’s body, some paper for exam tables is also latex-free, to keep this protein-based allergen off the bare skin of patients.

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