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Blackboards may well have had their day. We are officially in the era of the dry-erase board (and have been for a while now). With a dry-erase board and eraser, can say goodbye to whiteboard dirt and grime, and effortlessly reveal a fresh surface with minimal effort. No more chalky fingers for you!

Make quick work of cleaning your board

While you may recall getting chalky hands at school from writing on the blackboard or having to clean the felt erasers outside by banging them against one another, you can leave that all in the past. This is the era of the dry-erase board.

With a dry-erase eraser like Quartet's GhostDuster®, you can do away with whiteboard dirt and grime in an instant. Simply wipe away the old layer and start using a new, fresh erasing surface. Each eraser comes with 16 disposable eraser sheets, so it'll last you a long time. With this tough, disposable eraser you can enjoy a spotless board with minimal effort and without risking abrasion.

Have a little fun with it

Our selection of erasers also includes a variety of fun options, like the Superhero Clean themed magnetic eraser, which easily cleans whiteboards and makes for a lively addition to any classroom. It features a magnet so that it easily adheres to steel whiteboards.

A new era in writing boards

Although the traditional blackboard may hold a special place in our hearts, many will agree that the dry-erase whiteboard is a dramatic improvement. Whiteboards come in all shapes and sizes, so they'll take up as much or as little space as you decide. You can install these boards vertically or horizontally, depending on the type of space you have and how you'e going to use the board. You can use a dry-erase board to announce company achievements, sales numbers and other news—the applications are endless. Their easy-to-use surface makes writing and clean-up less of a chore. Dry-erase boards are incredibly durable and they're very easy to install. Many of the popular models come in a brushed aluminum frame that will enhance any setting. Be sure to check out our selection of whiteboards to get started.

As far as teaching and presentation tools go, you'll find that our selection of easels offers a great number of options you may not have thought about in the way of mobile presentation solutions. As will the polystyrene boards that you'll find among our selection of presentation accessories—these boards are perfect to use for signage.

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