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Want to know more about Foam Cups
Whether in the office or at large events, Styrofoam cups let you serve drinks with confidence. Soft drinks and hot coffee or other warm beverages served in foam cups stay fresher longer and they maintain their temperatures longer, keeping clients and customers satisfied. They are easy to store in stackable fashion, and many come with lids for keeping beverages safely inside the cups.

Considering Styrofoam cups for company use or personal parties

Foam cups are often a top choice when purchasing coffee supplies for a company break room. They eliminate the need for extensive cleanup, and they come with durable lids that prevent spills. Styrofoam™ cups are lightweight and portable, so employees can take them to their desks and then on their ride home from work. They come in bulk packages that are easy to stack to ensure there are plenty of supplies on hand.

When purchasing food service supplies, consider foam drinkware that is easy to transport and safe to use. Choose coffee-sized cups with colorful designs that can make mornings brighter or larger selections that hold more liquid, which are ideal for serving soda and sweet iced tea. Shorter containers are ideal for holding leftover soup and other take-home items from restaurants. When companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, they can choose foam drinkware, as some versions are recyclable.

Single-service foam cups for safety's sake

Single-use polystyrene cups can minimize exposure to bacteria and other foodborne particles in the restaurant and food-service industries. That can make this type of tableware preferable over glasses and porcelain dinnerware, especially at outdoor events where access to hot water and other sterilization equipment is not possible. When combined with bulk paper plates, single-use dishes ensure companies take necessary health precautions to keep customers safe. Single-use cups are ideal for use in hospitals, day-care facilities, and physicians' offices where sterilization and germs are a major concern.

Choosing from the popular brands of foam drinkware

Durable polystyrene makes up foam drinkware, which stands up to temperatures over 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for hot coffee or even ice-cold lemonade. Whether keeping fans warm at ball games or cooling things off at a company barbecue, foam containers instead of plastic cups is a wise choice. Choose from popular brands including:

  • Dart®
  • Dixie®
  • Solo®
  • WinCup®

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