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Construction Paper Is Great for Projects

Construction paper is the must-have material for serious and amateur crafters alike. This durable classroom paper, is easy to work with and comes in so many colors, there's hardly a holiday or other special occasion that doesn't call out for wall hangings made from the stuff. Red and green construction paper makes lovely Christmas rings, and you can get some yellow and brown paper to cut into Thanksgiving decorations right after you take down the orange and black silhouettes from Halloween. Stockpile Riverside Construction Paper in a variety of colors and sizes, perfect for any classroom arts and crafts project.

Choose Paper of Any Color

Collect construction paper in all the colors of the rainbow, plus a few colors not normally found in nature, to use with almost any craft project your office needs done. Festive colors are great for birthdays, and seasonal colors can be found to match every holiday on the calendar. More seriously, sliding a few sheets of colored paper into a portfolio, art project or written report is a striking way to get important messages across, whether it's an urgent memo about parking spaces printed on bright yellow paper or a reminder message about keeping the noise down printed on dark red.

Keep Different Sizes and Quantities in Stock

Go beyond construction paper's rich color palette to express your creativity, and vary the size of your posters and flyers. Choose construction paper for the printer in the standard 8.5-by-11-inch cut, or stretch a bit and ink your messages onto larger sheets that can be seen from across the cafeteria.

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