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Want to know more about Computer, Monitor, and Keyboard Cleaners
A computer keyboard free from dirt and debris operates much better and feels nicer to use than one that has a buildup of fingerprints and crumbs, and keyboard cleaners help keep your device spotless. Products like keyboard dusters eliminate dust in hard-to-reach places, while keyboard cleaner sprays help keep stickiness and stains at bay and guard against germs that spread colds and sickness.

Considering the types of keyboard dusters

Keyboard dusters in spray cans force a puff of compressed air strong enough to blow away dust and debris from computer keyboards. Some keyboard cleaner sprays include a long, thin straw that makes it possible to pinpoint exactly where the air hits.

Wipes provide one-time use when cleaning dust and dirt from wireless keyboards and mice or a computer housing. They come in different sizes, making it possible to clean any range of space, and they are disposable for quick cleanup. Wipes come pre-moistened with a safe anti static cleaner that won't harm sensitive computer parts or keyboard trays, and convenient containers keep unused wipes fresh for future use. Some wipes come individually wrapped, which make them ideal for use in offices where a user can store a single item at a workstation.

Other types of cleaners include reusable microfiber cloths that won’t scratch soft surfaces like wrist rests for keyboards. Small hand vacuums remove dust in spots that are tough to reach manually.

Importance of keyboard cleaners

Keyboard cleaners provide a wealth of benefits not only for keyboards, but also keyboard trays and other computer equipment. In public office spaces, they help remove germs to safeguard against bacteria and sickness. Moisture and humidity may also cause computer keyboards to short out and completely stop working, so compressed air can help keep them dry. For the best results, use antibacterial wipes, microfiber cloths, or compressed air approximately once a week to keep electronics clean, safe, and working properly.

Popular brand names of keyboard cleaners

Safe formulas and quality brands make it possible to keep electronics clean and free of dirt, debris, and dust. Choose from a selection of manufacturers that users know and trust.

  • Falcon® Dust-Off®
  • Rubbermaid®
  • Metro DataVac®
  • Quill Brand
  • Read Right®
  • Maxell®

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