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Want to know more about Cash Handling
Cash handling equipment includes an array of products to help retailers manage money from the point of sale to the point where they deposit it into their bank account. The products range from cash drawers to cash counting machines, to cash wraps and coin sleeves. They also include cash bags and strong boxes for storing money overnight as well as secure deposit bags for taking money to the bank.

Front-end cash handling equipment

The retail system for security banking and cash management starts with equipment for handling money at the point of purchase. A variety of lockable cash drawers are available with compartments for holding cash, coins, checks, and credit card receipts. Many drawers connect to point-of-sale terminals for recording purchase transactions. Some drawers contain media slots for inserting paper coupons, receipts, and checks, so the drawer doesn’t have to open for noncash transactions. Before putting end-of-the-day revenue into cash bags, retailers may also protect themselves during cash exchanges by using counterfeit detector items, including marking pens that leave a distinct coloration on real bills and ultraviolet light pens and detectors that show a bill’s security thread in a specific color.

Equipment for tallying up and organizing cash and coin

Retailers can reconcile their end-of-the-day money intake by using digital cash counting machines — some with built-in counterfeit detectors — that display cash tallies on LED screens. Some counters can also sort cash into separate denominations. Cash bands are available for bundling currency in denomination stacks for deposit. Coin sorter machines are also available for arranging hard change into bin trays. From there, retailers can insert coins into sorting tubes and slip coin wraps over the tubes to bundle them into denominated amounts.

Equipment for storing money before deposit

Retailers rely on safes to store revenue until deposit day. Steel security or strong boxes are available to house and organize each day’s take during the week, for storage inside the safe. The boxes have removable or fixed cantilevered trays for housing money and paper, and some have convenient carrying handles. They have different locking arrangements, including pin-tumbler and key locks.

Cash deposit bags for the final step in money security

Carryalls for transporting cash and coin for bank deposit are available as zippered pouches, some with pin-tumbler or cam-lock closures and as polyethylene tamper-evident money bags. Some money bags are disposable after deposit. The bags come with bar codes and tracking numbers that provide a security interface with banks.

Some trusted names in cash handling security

For security banking and cash management, retailers have access to equipment from several well-known manufacturers including:

  • Cassida®
  • MMF™ Industries
  • Royal Sovereign®
  • Steelmaster®

Check out Quill for the complete line of equipment that let retailers handle, manage, and deposit their revenue securely.

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