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Give your janitorial staff the right quantity of bulk toilet paper to keep your restrooms stocked continually for employees, clients, and guests. Choose among different plies, roll-sheet lengths, and dispensing types, depending on the number of employees or on the type of restroom you provide. The leading brands provide bulk supplies, and many bulk packages contain individually wrapped rolls.

Types of commercial toilet paper available

Toilet paper is a key ingredient in essential cleaning and janitorial supplies for offices and workplaces. The bath tissue comes in different rolls, sizes, and plies. All tissue biodegrades in septic and sewage systems, so it’s safe for heavy-use restrooms. Standard rolls have cardboard cores that fit many roll-bar dispensers, and they normally have 1,000 one-ply sheets or 500 two-ply sheets.

Bath tissue is also available in jumbo rolls, holding up to two to four times as many sheets as standard rolls. Maintaining this kind of inventory can minimize the amount of times that staff have to reorder or resupply the restroom. Many tissue options also fit roll-bar dispensers that are quite large, an appropriate choice for restrooms in expansive offices or commercial spaces. Other wholesale toilet paper includes coreless bath tissue without the cardboard core. Manufacturers produce the roll by winding the paper tightly to fit special dispensers that have mechanisms for providing free but deliberate unwinding. The absence of a cardboard core is an environmental benefit as well, since nothing on the roll needs to be discarded in the trash.

Why companies should purchase bulk toilet paper

The obvious reason for buying office toilet paper in bulk is to save on company expenses. Still, whether a company has an on-site cleaning crew or contracts out for cleaning, it should always have a ready stock of cleaning supplies on hand, including the supplies that keep employees clean, like toilet paper and hand wipes. Emergencies happen and having the extra stock on hand means you can resupply bath tissue if it runs low. Wholesale toilet paper comes in cartons that include anywhere from 10 to 20, 40 to 60, or 60 to 100 rolls.

Brands of toilet paper available in bulk

Some well-known manufacturers specialize in toilet paper, and offer it in bulk. Manufacturers such as Procter and Gamble, Kimberly-Clark®, and Kleenex® also specialize in a variety of sanitary supplies for offices and workplaces, including items like hand soap, feminine care products, and tissue paper. Several renowned brands offer bulk toilet paper:

  • Angel Soft®
  • Charmin®
  • Cottonelle®
  • Marcal®
  • Quilted Northern Scott®
  • Green2™
  • Staples®
  • Quill Brand
  • Brighton Professional™

Some of these brands provide office products and supplies as well.

Dispensers and paper holders

Choose from various types of toilet paper dispensers to prevent waste and promote hygiene. Dispensers are available for sheets and coreless rolls, as well as tissue rolls with cores of different diameters, such as 2 and 2.5 inches. You can also find dispensers for other toilet supplies like hand sanitizer. Some have locks to prevent tampering. Such options are ideal for public restrooms, restaurants, and other business premises.

Electronic dispensers come in various designs, including options that can dispense tissues in three different settings: long, medium, and short. Options with multiple sensor placements allow users to mount them on walls, and the batteries on these dispensers can last more than a year. Some dispensers feature small windows for users to monitor how much tissue is remaining. Options with steel or sturdy plastic construction are suitable for high-traffic areas because they’re long-lasting. Manual toilet paper holders that come in stylish, freestanding metallic designs are also available. Other personal hygiene supplies to boost cleanliness include soaps and soap dispensers to fight germs.

Tissue paper for public spaces

Heavy-duty three-ply toilet paperis both thick and strong. Because of the three sheets, the paper has high absorbent qualities. One- and two-ply toilet paper two-ply toilet paper is lighter, so each roll holds many perforated sheets

Consider unscented tissues for public spaces to accommodate people with fragrance sensitivities or allergies. Scented options add a luxurious touch, and they're ideal for hotels and home use. Quilted options are super soft while also being strong. Options with embossing are easy to grip and can remove dirt and absorb liquids effectively. Septic-safe tissue paper flushes well to minimize instances of drain or sewer blockage.

Tissues from eco-friendly sources

Tissue paper from sustainable forests minimizes the environmental impact. Other eco-friendly options include those with post-consumer content and recycled fiber. Consider chlorine-free options because their production minimizes the number of chlorine pollutants released into the environment. Find other supplies at Quill, such as bathroom cleaners, to keep restrooms clean.

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