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Give us a chance to enhance your medical office by providing vinyl gloves so that you can concentrate on your patients. With the correct supplies, you can keep the work rolling and your employees undisturbed. If your medical practice has a question about alternative vinyl gloves - feel free to shoot us an email!

Vinyl gloves protect caregivers and patients

Medical and veterinary practices rely upon vinyl gloves every day. They provide a necessary barrier between fluids, substances, and possible infectious sources. They also act as a preventative measure in case the practitioner has a slight open or healing cut that may have gone unnoticed. Common glove shades include clear, cream, beige, light blue, green, and purple, so you can further protect against cross-contamination by allocating different colors for separate tasks. Color-coding helps distinguish between handling skin prep instruments, conducting general procedures, doing lab work, and performing surgery.

Disposable gloves are comfortable and convenient

Comfort is a top concern for protective apparel, since much of an exam or procedure involves utilizing disposable gloves. There are vinyl gloves available in stretchable one-size-fits-all or in specific X-small to XX-large sizes. Some have a form-fitting cuff, while others are coated with aloe on the inside to prevent chafing or irritation from perspiration and long use. Consider stocking glove dispensers and glove box holders, along with latex-free, powder-free, and synthetic PVC polymer blend gloves for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. Bulk options are another appealing feature of these gloves, since each glove is thrown away after one use. Packages range from 100 per box, to 150 to 400 per pack, to cases of 1,000 with 10 boxes of 100 each.

Look for these brand names

Many brand names that may be familiar in the medical supply industry, such as the following, make exam gloves:

  • Ambitex®
  • AnsellPro®
  • Curad®
  • Dynarex®
  • Innovative Dermassist™
  • Kimberly-Clark®
  • MediGuard®
  • Medline®
  • SemperMed®
  • SensiCare®

Stock up on disposable exam gloves and other necessary supplies

Make sure that your closets and drawers are stocked with all the necessities for your clinic or facility. When shopping for vinyl gloves at Quill, take a look at the other exam room supplies, including general purpose trays and disposable towels, gowns, and table drapes. Sign-in sheets, clipboards, and desk calendars are also useful for front-desk personnel.

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