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Oki (Okidata) Ink & Toner Cartridges

Choose genuine OKI (Okidata) printer ink and toner cartridges to get the best quality prints from your OKI office equipment. The inks and toners produce crisp results with lowered energy consumption without compromising quality for professional printing results that maximize your company’s time and investment. Using revolutionary manufacturing processes, OKI inks and toners keep up with your revolutionary way of doing business.

Sharpen Your View

Whether your employees print 10 pages or 1,000 pages per day, each printed page should look just as crisp and clean as the next. You get those expected results with the microfine spherical toner produced by OKI. At about one-tenth the size of traditional crushed toner particles, the microfine powder in OKI toner cartridges offers smooth, round particles that produce sharp images. The microfine design also reduces toner scatter to eliminate the dusting effect that sometimes shows up on printed pages. What does that mean for your employees? It means each document they send through your office OKI printers comes out clear and crisp for professional results that make your company stand out for its commitment to quality.

Lower the Heat

OKI printer consumable products really can handle the heat when it comes to office printing needs. The low melting point of the polymer-coated toner particles means the toner fuses to the paper at a lower temperature than normally required, even when your employees have high-volume printing demands. This specially designed toner keeps your office printers cranking out printed materials without compromising on speed or quality. Without the need for greater heat for bonding, OKI toners keep your energy consumption from shooting through the roof. Your employees don’t have to wait for the prints they need immediately, and you save money on the company's energy bills.

Keep Production Moving

Having OKI printer ink and toner cartridges on hand minimizes down time for print jobs of all importance levels. Having the cartridges waiting in your office supply room means your employees can make a quick swap when the old cartridge hits empty. They can quickly resume those large and small print jobs so they can continue collating, compiling and collaborating to keep your business running smoothly.

Maximize Quality Results With Brand Compatibility

It’s tempting to reach for a generic version of printer ink or toner cartridges to save money, but sticking to OKI ink for your OKI office equipment maximizes the quality of the prints those machines produce. OKI recommends using genuine ink manufactured by the company to best utilize the features and quality of the equipment. The replacement toners and inks are designed to work specifically with the OKI brand of office equipment, maximizing performance and protecting the integrity of the equipment. That means less downtime for maintenance issues so your office printing queue never gets backed up.

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