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No matter what kind of tape you use, it’s always easier to apply it with a tape dispenser. Dispensers come in ready-to-go plastic caddies, desktop receptacles that hold rolls of tape, and hand-held tape guns with toothed edges for cutting tape to length. Any tape holder features a specific application for the home or workplace.

A tape dispenser for cellophane tape

Adhesive-backed tape comes in different surface finishes, widths, and roll lengths. A standard tape holder for the home or office contains tape with a cellophane surface. The cellophane comes in matte, glossy, or clear finishes, and the most popular is clear tape, also known as transparent tape. Cellophane tape for sealing storage or moving boxes comes in rolls as narrow as a 1/2 or 3/4 inch or as wide as 3 inches. Most standard tape dispensers hold rolls of tape between 30 and 50 yards in length. These features provide users with options, even with basic cellophane tape.

A plastic tape holder for the home or office

In many business environments, tape is indispensable. Along with staplers, scissors, and filing supplies, tape covers many applications for home and office needs. People use tape to repair, seal, attach, protect, and wrap items. These everyday uses mean that every utility drawer in a business space should contain at least one plastic tape dispenser. The most iconic of all plastic dispensers is the one packaged with Scotch® transparent tape, with the familiar red, green, or yellow plaid cardboard insert surrounding the caddie.

A desktop dispenser for the home or workspace

The traditional dispenser is an elongated, contoured receptacle with a felt or rubber base for stability. It has a removable wheel that fits inside a roll of tape, which pulls out to a toothed cutting edge. Traditional tape dispensers come in several designs, from executive office styles, like many Scotch tape dispensers, to more modern, chic styles, like the colorful squared-off scoop dispensers under the Poppin® brand. Many eclectic, stylized desktop dispensers come in a variety of figures. Among them find:

  • High heels
  • Kittens
  • Floral wheels
  • Penguins
  • Airplanes

Look for dispensers in a variety of colors, as well as two-tone models.

Packing dispensers for sealing boxes

Tape-dispensing guns are a practical tool in facilities where many boxes need sealing for shipping. The guns provide smooth tape release to handle large taping projects. Built-in tension knobs and adjustable hand brakes allow for better user control. To ensure operator safety, most designs feature retractable blades to prevent accidental injuries. Reinforced metal frames and high-impact plastic construction enable these tools to withstand tough conditions and harsh environments.

Other packing tape dispensers also hold rolls of adhesive-backed warning labels, like Fragile, This Side Up, or Biohazard. Others that dispense adhesive labels are available in colors or designs for coding boxes for inventory or adding personal touches. Some of these packing dispensers come in convenient wall-mounted units. Look for handheld models with low noise properties for quiet operation in professional settings. 

Multi-roll dispensers

Busy art studios and professional crafters may opt for tape dispensers with multi-roll capacity. They're ideal for jobs that require easy access to different types, colors, or sizes of tapes. For increased efficiency, some models take a combination of masking, pressure-sensitive, and carton sealing tapes. Other units fit up to 10 rolls in assorted colors for various scrapbooking and design purposes. Along with tapes and tape holders, a handy supply of glue and glue sticks makes it easy to complete art and craft projects quickly.

Most multi-roll dispensers feature nonskid, weighted bases for balance and easy placement on desks or table tops. A heavy-duty steel or plastic construction ensures durability and long-term use. For additional desktop storage space, some dispensers include an extra compartment for holding paper clips, pens, and pencils.

Specialty tape dispensers

Some dispensers hold specialty tape, such as removable tape with a specific adhesive for attaching posters and lightweight materials to walls. An added feature is that the tape doesn't leave adhesive marks when removed. Another specialty is double-sided tape, with a backing on the top surface of the tape that peels off to expose the adhesive underneath. It's useful, for instance, for adhering two paper surfaces together for a back-to-back appearance.

Eco-friendly options

Stick up for the planet with taping solutions that promote sustainability. A growing number of manufacturers in the adhesive industry now offer ecologically sound tape holders to encourage social responsibility. Tape dispensers made from recycled content help keep plastic waste out of landfills to minimize pollution. Eco-conscious users get the same performance, convenience features, and quality they expect from other types of dispensers, with the added benefit of conserving natural resources and reducing their environmental footprint.

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