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SunWorks Construction Paper Enhances Artistic Projects

Inspire the creativity of your employees with colorful options and art tools during team-building sessions with SunWorks construction paper. Break out bright orange and red construction paper and equip the young and not-so-young with markers and crayons to brainstorm lists in a meeting room or feed the imaginations of your patients in play areas of your medical offices and waiting rooms. Supply your employees, clients and patients with the tools they need to spark innovation in a variety of settings.

Spruce Up Waiting Rooms

Imagine the excitement of your young patients when you offer them colorful, sturdy construction paper to create masterpieces while waiting for appointments. SunWorks construction paper can be used as a platform for creative illustrations and coloring pages that you can hang on the walls in patient rooms. Therapists can utilize the sturdy pages during sessions to create puppets or crafts that help children express their thoughts and feelings. The bright colors of the construction paper can also help to calm down nervous patients before medical exams. Provide those tiny tots with an outlet to minimize their fears while sprucing up the decor in your office. Create a theme each month that spotlights a particular color that coordinates with the holidays, and decorate the office with each child's drawing. Make your office waiting room a safe haven for young patients and a welcoming area they can't wait to return to for their next appointment.

Reenergize Team Building Sessions

Get your employees motivated with innovative team building activities that make use of bright neon and pastel construction paper. Art supplies aren't just for kids, but you have the ability to break out the inner child in each of your employees. Prompt them to create brainstorming lists on neon pink paper or jot down new action plans on pastel blue paper. Bring laughter to the forefront with an activity that takes your employees out of their comfort zone and allows them to show off their personalities. Put some tiny crayons into those large hands, and see how childlike activities can prompt innovation.

Dress Up Classrooms With Colorful Creations

Supply your teachers and staff with the tools they need to inspire innovation within young minds and break up the day with a fun-filled activity. Stock the main office of your school and each classroom with variety packs of construction paper to use for classroom arts and crafts projects and to create signs to hang throughout the building. It's also a great way to give those young minds a break from the daily grind. Prompt those creative personalities to cut, paste, sketch or color on this sturdy paper, or motivate the class to make posters, collages, holiday decorations, bookmarks or finger puppets during an art class or recess. Use construction paper to create mounts and frames for pictures you take of each child, and put those smiling faces on display in the hallway or the classroom.

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