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Safety cones are a necessary part of many home and professional tasks. In commercial settings, they keep users away from hazards and outline parking areas. On the road, they let safety officials direct traffic and protect construction workers. Traffic cones come in a wide range of heights and designs, allowing home and commercial users to find the right product for any task.

Use traffic cones indoors near hazardous areas

In any business, owners have to protect their customers against hazards. This also minimizes liability risks. Traffic cones are a simple way to keep customers and employees away from restricted areas, spills, and dangerous items. In these situations, small cones are sufficient for most dangerous areas. In an area prone to large crowds, taller traffic cones are more effective at keeping people out. Use a set of traffic cones and notice signs to mark off an entire restricted area and set clear boundaries.

Compare safety cones of different sizes

Traffic cones are available in different heights and weights. These common options serve a wide range of purposes.

  • 6 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 18 inches: Shortest option legally allowed on public roadways
  • 28 inches: Usable on roadways with speed limits lower than 45 miles per hour
  • 36 inches: Usable on roadways with speed limits higher than 45 miles per hour

Cones that are too small for roadway use are still functional in many settings. They're optimal for driver education courses, indoor hazards, sports field boundaries, and dog training courses. Larger signs are useful on roadways, in parking lots, and for business entryways.

Accessories maximize safety cone functionality

Some cones have attached traffic signs. Prewritten signs direct crowds to the left or right, while blank signs are customizable for any event or situation. Not only do signs improve safety and give guests clear directions, they keep traffic moving smoothly and improve the customer experience. Base stabilizers give extra weight to outdoor signs, helping them stay in place during inclement weather. In a parking or traffic situation, safety vests make employees or volunteers more visible, offering them additional protection. When using cones to guide foot traffic and keep people out of restricted areas, crowd control products offer more security options and keep property protected.

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