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Along with many other office essentials, rubber bands always come in handy in home, office, retail, and school settings. This versatile office must-have makes it convenient to bundle important documents together and keeps other items organized temporarily. Choose from both uniform and multi-sized bulk rubber bands from Quill so you can bind anything together.

Rubber bands are convenient and strong

There are endless situations where rubber bands are the ideal solution. Whether it’s to roll up a blueprint or copies of promotional material, attach separate components together, or even just to keep a snack bag closed, rubber bands are a versatile solution. They don’t leave indentations or holes like staples or binder clips when they are used to hold papers together. They also don’t take up a lot of storage space, so it’s easy to keep them in their box or packaging, transfer them to a jar or basket, or mix them in with other supplies without a lot of extra work. Because they’re made from elastic rubber with excellent tensile strength, these bands can be used multiple times, and they stretch a lot without breaking.

Choosing bulk rubber bands means you'll never run short

Regardless of what you need rubber bands for, there are various options to stock up on. Thin and thick elastics are available from 7/8 inch to 7 inches long, and 1/16 inch to 5/8 inch wide, and in single packages ranging from 24 to 100 to bulk cases of 500 and up. Thin widths might be appropriate for holding together a few pieces of paper, while you might select thick rubber bands to bundle cords or heavier items together. The thicker the width, the stronger the hold. Choosing a variety of rubber band widths and lengths means you’ll always have some on hand to match the right job.

Select the right bulk rubber bands for your application

There are many types of rubber bands to suit your specific product application. Consider latex-free bands or those created with antimicrobial protection for people with allergies or environmental concerns. You’ll also find rubber bands appropriate for food service, for example, to hold bundles of produce together. Thick, sturdy rubber bands are ideal for holding packages together in retail or shipping applications. Small, thin rubber bands are perfect for the classroom to make sure important papers or art projects are not confused with another student’s work, or for creating a game of telescope for younger ages, or used as hair ties.

Color code rubber bands for easy identification and fun

Besides large quantities that are invaluable for heavy use, businesses can also select elastics in specific colors to complement other office basics or make items further stand out. You can buy packages of different colors to make sure that you can color-code different aspects of a project or client need. These are also great for color-coding your children’s belongings. Brightly colored rubber bands make the workday more fun, and they will stand out among less vibrant supply counterparts. Some rubber bands even come in a ball formation to provide both fun and function. When you need a rubber band, simply pull or snap one off the ball. 

Companies that make bulk rubber bands

There are several companies that make rubber bands, so you can experiment and find the ones that best suit your needs. Look for top brands such as ACCO®, Alliance®, Baumgarten’s®, Brites®, Charles Leonard, JAM Paper®, Learning Resources®, The Pencil Grip™, Quill Brand®, and Reusable Solutions™. Shop for these brands here at Quill.

Add rubber bands to these office necessities

Complete your supply shelves with these other vital office basics to ensure your team has everything they need to work well. Quill has what your employees or students need to make each day productive and successful.

  • Binder clips - choose size options from 1/4 inch to 2 inches, in black and colors, in small packages and bulk
  • Clipboards - with or without storage, plastic and hard boards are also prime office essentials for holding papers while ensuring writeability
  • File folders - hanging file, manila, pocket, partition, tab, and fastener styles to hold documents
  • Paper clips - choices include jumbo, vinyl, nonskid, smooth, and mini, to fit all jobs
  • Scissors - different sizes, blades, and handles for comfort and efficiency when cutting paper
  • Staplers - choose full-strip, stand-up, and automatic, with coordinating staples
  • Staples - choose from staple strips or cartridges to fit your paper thickness
  • Tape - double-sided, invisible, and washi are among the popular selections
  • Laptop computers - choose memory, processors, styles, and colors to meet your business or school needs

Opt for boxed or bagged rubber bands, along with other items for home or office at Quill.

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