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About Kodak Ink & Toner Cartridges

Kodak printer ink and toner cartridges give you vivid colors and deep blacks from all of your Kodak brand office equipment. Fast-drying prints burst of the pages with vibrancy, and those results last, so your office documents won’t fade over time. Keep Kodak inks and toners on hand to keep your employees working whenever a printing need arises.

See the Vibrant Difference

Call on Kodak’s proprietary pigment ink technology to empower your employees to produce vibrant printed materials. A combination of dye-based and pigment-based inks ensure the quality of every printed page. The dye-based inks in Kodak cartridges give your office documents an unparalleled vibrancy that makes them stand out.

Don’t Fade Into the Background

Vibrant colors don’t matter if they fade quickly. Thanks to the pigment-based dyes in Kodak cartridges, all those beautiful prints your employees create last for the long haul. This saves you time and resources when you don’t have to reprint pages a few months down the road. The inks are also water resistant for additional longevity that makes these printer products a wise investment for your company.

Stop Smudges and Smears

The inks used in Kodak consumables dry instantly, so your employees don’t have to worry about accidental smears and smudges on those beautifully printed pages. They can work with all of their reports, promo materials and other printed materials right out of the printer without any wait time for drying. This keeps them on schedule so they can deliver projects on time and with the quality you expect for your business materials.

Keep Up Kodak Quality

Kodak is a well-known name in the photography industry, and the prints produced by its printers are back with that same quality. Do your part to maximize the crisp quality by pairing your Kodak printers with Kodak inks and toners. You ensure your office machinery continues to operate as it should with less down time for repairs, toner spills or other issues that stand in the way of employees completing their work efficiently.

Keep Inks and Toners on Hand

With a wide selection of Kodak inks and toners available, we can help you keep your storage shelves full of the cartridges you need for your printer models. Many of the Kodak inks come in a two-pack option with both a black and colored ink cartridge for a specific printer model. This makes changing ink simple, whether you need to change one or both cartridges. You also save space in your storage shelf with Kodak’s combination colored cartridges that put the cyan, magenta and yellow inks in one convenient cartridge. Office equipment is back up and running with minimal printing down time with the record-breaking speeds.

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