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Want to know more about HP Multipurpose Paper
HP paper works with both inkjet and laser printers to create professional-looking documents and easy-to-read pages for home, office, and school use. Smooth textures provide the perfect surface for artwork and photos. Choose from an array of colors, brightness ratings, and weights for day-to-day tasks, and keep plenty on hand to remain productive.

HP multipurpose paper delivers one paper for all your needs

When choosing quality paper to suit a variety of tasks, opt for HP multipurpose paper that works well in both HP laser printers and inkjets. HP printer paper has a brightness rating from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the brighter the sheet, which provides an excellent contrast for dark inks. Sheets often used in HP inkjet printers have a brightness rating in the 80s to make colors more vibrant. Choose stationery with a rating from 80 to 90 for both marketing materials and standard text pages for increased readability. When used as copy paper, HP paper copies provide the same quality from the first page to the last, making it excellent for use in large print jobs, like creating flyers and other marketing materials.

Quality HP paper protects printed pages

Sturdy pages stand up well to frequent handling, and smudge-resistant properties protect documents with sensitive or important information, including training manuals and contracts. Advanced ColorLok Technologies reduce drying times on ink so documents can go straight from the printer to customer files. Acid-free printer paper is ideal for printing archival-quality documents and for creating pages for scrapbooks and other items that need to last. Each sheet has acid-free properties that won’t harm photographs and can help preserve treasured memories, including printed awards and certificates.

Advantages of HP paper

HP paper is affordable and versatile, making it an ideal choice for busy offices. When purchasing stationery for home and office use, consider the benefits of multipurpose designs.

  • Available in different sizes for versatility
  • Consistent quality of every sheet provides professional-looking results
  • HP paper reduces dust build-up in machines to reduce maintenance costs
  • Sheets are specifically designed to work well in all-in-one printers
  • Acid-free papers won’t yellow over time

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