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HammerMill® Copy Plus Copy Paper
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Want to know more about HammerMill® Copy Plus Copy Paper
Hammermill® Copy Plus is one of three types of reproduction paper available from the respected manufacturer that also has application for document printing on inkjet and laser machines. It has a high level of surface brightness, providing excellent visibility contrast for both monochrome and color output. It’s also available in different pastel shades for booklet printing.

Multipurpose Hammermill Copy Plus office paper

Hammermill copy paper is available as Copy and Copy Plus for general-purpose applications, and as Tidal MP (multipurpose) paper, specifically designed for high-speed devices. Hammermill Copy Plus paper is ideal for reproduction applications, but also works with laser and inkjet machines for internal office projects, like report editing, or for home functions, like e-ticket or travel direction printing. Like many other types of multipurpose paper, it comes in letter, legal, and ledger sizes, making it ideal for oversized forms and documents.

Hammermill Copy Plus office paper comes with a 92 brightness rating, which is an excellent light-reflective surface for high-contrast text and image visibility, yet its surface has a coating that reduces glare under task lighting. Its 20-pound weight stands up to frequent use or rugged printing and copying applications.

Other unique qualities of Hammermill Copy Plus paper

Copy Plus paper for reproduction or printing has other features that make it an optimal choice for high-quality, general-purpose office paper:

  • Moisture and curl control allows it to run smoothly through copier and printer rollers
  • ColorLok® additives offer more vivid hues and bolder black-and-white ink
  • ColorLok provides toner saturation with smudge-resistant absorption
  • Acid-free material resists fading and discoloration, making it ideal for long-term storage

Hammermill Copy Plus office paper also comes in three-hole punched sheets, which are ideal for ring binder documents like internal work manuals.

Copy Plus in color

Hammermill Copy Plus comes in 15 pastel colors, with either a 20-pound weight rating for standard needs like color-coded report inserts, or a 24-pound weight rating that’s ideal for producing flyers, newsletters, and brochures. The eco-friendly product consists of 30 percent post-consumer output. Like other colored copy paper, it's available in variety packs of the different shades.

Hammermill Copy Plus case packaging

Copy Plus paper comes in 500-sheet ream packages. Letter, legal, and ledger-sized reams come in cartons in different volumes, including 4, 5, 6, and 10 per carton. You can get a maximum of 5,000 sheets in some cartons.

Hammermill Paper for Life™

Copy Plus is part of a wide lineup of high-quality copy, printing, card stock, and photo paper scientifically manufactured to last a long time, rigorously tested to work effectively in all machines, and designed to meet the work and lifestyle needs of all types of users. The brand embraces this broad definition of life.

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