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Want to know more about Art Brushes
Art brushes are an essential item for daycare centers, schools, professional artists, and any home with children and crafters. Available in various styles and materials, new art paint brushes provide clean, smooth brushstrokes and come in different colors for easy coordinating and organization. Additionally, choose bulk supplies to stock up on painting instruments.

Choose art brushes by style

Art paint brushes come in a variety of styles that differ depending on the type of painting. The most common are round, flat, and filbert brushes. Round and round-pointed tips are ideal for projects that involve fine lines like sketching, outlining, and filling in small spaces. You can also use these for creating thick and thin lines by applying different amounts of pressure with each stroke. Flat brushes are square with long hairs, and artists and crafters use them for filling large areas, making broad brush strokes, edging, and applying varnish. A filbert head is oval, has medium-length hairs, and has one flat side for rounding and blending. In addition, consider purchasing a large paper roll and trying foam tip brushes with students to paint using contrasting textures.  

Different types of bristles 

The different materials that make up art brushes include natural, synthetic, and a mix of the two. For water coloring, natural hair ones are more soluble, meaning they can hold more water than synthetic. To find a medium between price and quality for water coloring activities, the hybrid natural and artificial is a good choice. Brushes with natural bristles commonly come from camel, ox, and goat. 

Stock up on art paint brushes and supplies

Bulk painting supplies are an excellent way to save time, money, and prepare for future crafting needs. Everyday items to add to any supply closet include:

  • Paper
  • Brush cleaner
  • Paint
  • Paint cups
  • Easels
  • Smocks

Quill offers a complete line of art supplies like art brushes, along with paints, easels, and paint mediums.

Use different color handles for color learning and organization

Classrooms, summer programs, and daycare centers often pick art paint brushes with varying color handles. Teachers can help young students work on knowing their colors with a rainbow selection of brush handles. These are available in multicolor packages and are also helpful for organizing painting supplies. Another positive characteristic of these children's art tools is the handles' sizes, which fit into their smaller hands easily to help them learn better control of the brush.


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