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Use a dry erase whiteboard in any home, office, or school setting to stay on top of upcoming doctor's appointments and meetings or to jot down shopping lists or leave quick notes for family members or coworkers. These boards are convenient and easy to clean. They come with different features and are available a variety of styles to match any space.

Choosing a type of dry erase whiteboard

The board's quality varies by the surface material. Common choices include melamine, laminate, glass, and porcelain steel. Melamine ones are cost-effective choices and with limited use and regular care can last for several years. Laminate display boards are ideal options for average use as they are durable and don't leave behind light marker traces, also known as ghosting.

When needing whiteboards for classrooms and meeting spaces, which usually see heavy usage, choose tempered glass or porcelain steel. Tempered glass versions prevent breakage and are available in different shades and opacities. Look for glass displays in bright colors or intricate designs to match office or meeting area decor. For durability and style, porcelain steel is ideal. These selections have enameled surfaces and are magnetic because of the 0.25 or 0.5-inch thick steel sheet fused to the porcelain. These also offer a lower contrast than other choices, reducing glare and improving visibility from short distances, such as across classrooms.

Mounting display boards

You can mount dry erase boards in fixed locations such as on walls or doors. For mobility, choose an easel board that you can fold and transport to different locations. To move between rooms, consider one with a rolling frame. This type features one or two sides to increase the amount of space available for writing.

Accessories for dry erase whiteboards

Most display boards include standard black markers with erasers on the ends. People can brighten up the writing panels with colored markers. Common shades include red, green, blue, and yellow. For black marker boards, make words stand out with white or neon dry-erase pens. Small erasers that come with writing implements are suitable for removing letters and other slight marks, but keeping full-sized erasers nearby reduces the time it takes to remove large sections of writing. If the boards are magnetic, consider keeping magnetic clips on them to conveniently hold business cards, handwritten notes, or other small, lightweight items.

Popular office whiteboard brands

Brands differ by style and function. Find out which one fits a room's decor and needs.

  • Quartet®
  • ViewSonic®
  • MasterVision®
  • Pacon®

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