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Wet Floor Signs  (10 Products)
Keep safety standards high with a variety of wet floor sign options. Custodial work is easier with the right tools, and these signs are key to protecting employees and preventing accidents. Signs are available in a variety of size and phrasing options. Compare signage options to find the models that work for the size, layout, and clientele of your business. Read More
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Alpine Industries Caution Wet Floor Sign, 24.6H, Yellow

Alpine Industries Caution Wet Floor Sign, 24.6"H, Yellow

Handle at the top for easy transport
A-frame style offers quick and easy setup
Sturdy and Durable
$13.59 Each
Item # 901-24293859
Model # 499
Coastwide Professional™ Safety Awareness Floor Sign, Yellow (CW21872)

Coastwide Professional™ Safety Awareness Floor Sign, Yellow (CW21872)

Multilingual "Caution" floor safety sign in two languages
This sign is ideal for places where work includes wet processes or slip, trip, and fall hazards
Dimensions when open: 25"H x 12"W x 1.2"D
$15.29 Each When you buy 3+
Item # 901-364979
Model # 21872
Lifetime Warranty
Rubbermaid Commercial Products 25H x 11W Wet Floor Sign, Each (FG611277YEL)

Rubbermaid Commercial Products 25"H x 11"W Wet Floor Sign, Each (FG611277YEL)

Floor sign with "Caution Wet Floor" warning message imprinted in English for safety communication
Made of lightweight polypropylene in yellow color with black letters
Open dimensions: 25"H x 11"W, closed dimensions: 26"H x 11"W x 1.5"D
$21.49 Each When you buy 3+
Item # 901-611277YW
Model # 611277YW
Item # 901-1598682CSP
Model # 03-600-50
Item # 901-1598689CSP
Model # 03-600-34
Item # 901-1598687CSP
Model # 03-600-36
Rubbermaid Caution Cone, 25.8, Yellow (FG627777YEL)

Rubbermaid Caution Cone, 25.8", Yellow (FG627777YEL)

Floor cone with imprinted multilingual "Caution Wet Floor" warning message for safety communication
Made of plastic in highly visible yellow color with black letters
Dimensions: 25.8"H x 10.5"L
$35.99 Each
Item # 901-812520CBR
Model # 627777
Rubbermaid® Wet Floor Safety Cone

Rubbermaid® Wet Floor Safety Cone

Convenient molded-in handle
4-sided shape allows for easy stacking
ANSI compliant color and graphics
$57.99 Each
Item # 901-627677YW
Model # FG627677YEL
Item # 901-1598688CSP
Model # 03-600-35
Cortina Lamba Cone, Spanish/English Wet Floor/Piso Mojado, 36, Lime Green

Cortina Lamba Cone, Spanish/English Wet Floor/Piso Mojado, 36", Lime Green

Lamba Cone
36" spanish/english wet floor/ Piso Mojado
$28.99 Each
Item # 901-1598695CSP
Model # 03-600-09L
Want to know more about Wet Floor Signs

Benefits of brightly colored wet floor signs

It's important to notify visitors and workers of wet floors before they risk a fall. That's why most caution wet floor sign options are bright yellow, lime green, or another highly visible color. These products are easy to see from far away. Even if the words aren't legible from a distance, the sign lets viewers know that they should move carefully. This design feature minimizes the risk of accidents and restricts liability for business owners. Having multiple safety sign products on hand ensures that custodial staff members are able to keep all wet areas properly labeled.

Bilingual caution wet floor sign options

These floor safety signs are available in English, accommodating the majority of visitors and employees. For many workplaces, investing in bilingual wet floor signs is a safety measure that further protects employees. Choose bilingual signs that have the second language featured prominently in the same size, color, and font as the English wording. This design makes office signs equally accessible to all viewers.

Slippery sign size and display options

When choosing slippery sign models for the workplace, consider the size and display method that suits your workplace. There are several display methods available.

  • Folding floor signs that are easy to place and remove as needed
  • Weighted floor signs
  • Adhesive vinyl signs that permanently attach to machines and walls
  • Plastic wall-mounted signs

Each of these options has its own appropriate setting and use. Floor signs are optimal for areas that only need signage after mopping or spills. In areas that are frequently wet or slippery, an adhesive sign ensures that users are always careful of possible wet spots.

The phrasing used on signs also determines their usage. A wet floor sign is ideal after mopping or if a spill occurs, while slippery when wet signs serve as a constant reminder that surfaces can be hazardous at any time. These options work well in locker rooms and swimming pools. Some danger signs indicate that viewers should walk left or walk right, offering further guidance on how to avoid accidents.

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